Turkey’s Erdogan Raises Coup Clashes in Warning Rivals Against Protests

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered a stern warning for any Turkish citizens preparing to protest against his government, as anger rises over soaring inflation and opposition parties step up their criticism of economic policy. In a televised speech in Ankara on Tuesday, Erdogan said supporters of his AK Party and its nationalist ally remained united,Continue reading “Turkey’s Erdogan Raises Coup Clashes in Warning Rivals Against Protests”

The ongoing challenges to democracy in Asia – DW News

Many regions in Asia saw challenges to their democratic form of governance in 2021. But there were always people who stood up to abuses of power. We look at how in Myanmar, Hong Kong, India and the Philippines.

EU backs international arms embargo after killings in Myanmar

Top EU diplomat Josep Borrell accuses Myanmar’s military rulers of carrying out an ‘appalling act of violence’ in Kayah State. The European Union has called for an international arms embargo on Myanmar’s military government and for toughening its own sanctions following last week’s massacre of more than 35 people. The killings took place on Christmas EveContinue reading “EU backs international arms embargo after killings in Myanmar”

Thousands turn out for anti-coup protests across Sudan – DW News

In Sudan thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Khartoum and other cities, demanding a transition to civilian rule. The rallies come two months after a military coup. The civilian prime minister, Abdalla Hamdok, has since been reinstated, but the pro-democracy movement wants a government completely free from military control.

Somalia’s President Accused of Carrying Out ‘Indirect Coup’ After Suspending Prime Minister

Somalia’s president has been accused of attempting to stage an “indirect coup” after suspending his prime minister over allegations that he stole land from the nation’s army. On Monday, President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed announced that he was suspending Prime Minister Mohammed Hussein Roble in the latest round in a long-running power struggle between them. Roble’sContinue reading “Somalia’s President Accused of Carrying Out ‘Indirect Coup’ After Suspending Prime Minister”

Let’s talk about the op-ed from the generals – Beau of the Fifth Column

Tortured to death: Myanmar mass killings revealed

The Myanmar military carried out a series of mass killings of civilians in July that resulted in the deaths of at least 40 men, a BBC investigation has found. Eyewitnesses and survivors said that soldiers, some as young as 17, rounded up villagers before separating the men and killing them. Video footage and images fromContinue reading “Tortured to death: Myanmar mass killings revealed”

Civilians prepare to battle Myanmar’s military rulers – Reuters

Reuters has rare footage in Myanmar of young men and women who say they have left jobs in the city to become guerrilla fighters in the jungle.

Myanmar streets are emptied by ‘silent strike’ against military rule

The U.S. said it was “outraged” by reports that soldiers had burned villagers alive, calling for the junta to end the use of violence against opponents. Protesters in Myanmar closed businesses and stayed off the streets on Friday in a “silent strike” against rule by the military and its ousting of the Southeast Asian country’s democratically electedContinue reading “Myanmar streets are emptied by ‘silent strike’ against military rule”

Eleven villagers shot and burned alive by Myanmar soldiers, reports say

Outrage spreads on social media over alleged massacre of people rounded up by government troops in Sagaing region Myanmar soldiers rounded up and killed 11 people in a village, shooting and then setting them on fire, according to people in the area and local media reports. Photos and a video purporting to show charred corpsesContinue reading “Eleven villagers shot and burned alive by Myanmar soldiers, reports say”

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