Lebanon: Deadly chaos erupts during Beirut blast probe – WION

Armed clashes have broken out in Beirut during a protest, people were seen protesting against the lead judge who was investigating the last year’s massive blast in the city’s port.

Trump had to be stopped from appointing Ivanka to run the World Bank

‘It came incredibly close to happening’ Former treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin was forced to intervene when former president Donald Trump proposed appointing his daughter Ivanka as the head of the World Bank, according to a report. Talk of Ms Trump being at the helm of the global financial institution was more seriously considered than was earlier perceived, according to twoContinue reading “Trump had to be stopped from appointing Ivanka to run the World Bank”

Thousands at Risk in Lebanon As Hospitals Face Closure – VICE News

The collapse of Lebanon’s economy is one of the worst ever recorded, and nowhere can it be felt more than in the ER of Beirut’s main public hospital.

Lebanon left without power as grid shuts down

Lebanon has been left without electricity, plunging the country into darkness amid a severe economic crisis. A government official told Reuters news agency the country’s two largest power stations, Deir Ammar and Zahrani, had shut down because of a fuel shortage. The power grid “completely stopped working at noon today” and was unlikely to restartContinue reading “Lebanon left without power as grid shuts down”

Ten Minute History – Mussolini and Fascist Italy (Short Documentary)

Taiwanese Foreign Minister warns his country is preparing for war with China, asks Australia for help

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu warns of looming war with China and urges closer cooperation with Australia Dozens of Chinese military aircraft have flown into Taiwanese airspace in recent days Mr Wu has also thanked Australia for supporting Taiwan’s bid to join a new trade pact Taiwan’s Foreign Minister warns his nation is preparing forContinue reading “Taiwanese Foreign Minister warns his country is preparing for war with China, asks Australia for help”

Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed sworn in as PM for second five-year term – Al Jazeera

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been sworn in for a second term, after he and his party secured a landslide victory in June’s elections. He has described the poll as Ethiopia’s first attempt at a “free and fair” vote. The vote was overshadowed by the conflict in Tigray – where hundreds of thousands areContinue reading “Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed sworn in as PM for second five-year term – Al Jazeera”

Mass protests in Brazil call for Jair Bolsonaro’s impeachment

Crowds parade through cities as polling shows president’s ratings sinking to new depths Tens of thousands of protesters have returned to the streets of Brazil’s biggest cities to demand Jair Bolsonaro’s impeachment, as a poll showed the Brazilian president’s ratings had plumbed new depths. Huge crowds paraded through downtown Rio on Saturday to voice theirContinue reading “Mass protests in Brazil call for Jair Bolsonaro’s impeachment”

The Rise of Cotton: Crash Course Black American History #13

Cotton is everywhere in our modern world, and it became a hugely important crop in the 19th century United States. Cotton was a huge economic boon to the US, and much of that wealth was built on the backs of enslaved laborers. And cotton didn’t only benefit the states where slavery was legal. While cottonContinue reading “The Rise of Cotton: Crash Course Black American History #13”

Obamanation: Crash Course US History #47

In which John Green teaches you about recent history. By which we mean VERY recent history. John covers the end of George W. Bush’s administration presidency of Barack Obama (so far). Some people would say, “It’s too soon to try to interpret the historical importance of such recent events!” To those people we answer, “You’reContinue reading “Obamanation: Crash Course US History #47”

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