‘Completely damning’ video of Trump ally emerges – CNN

A video captured by a Democratic activist shows conservative lawyer John Eastman, who had worked with then-President Donald Trump’s legal team, criticizing former Vice President Mike Pence for not overturning the 2020 election results.

Let’s talk about Trump, Cowboys, Rolling Stone, and a bumpy ride – Beau of the Fifth Column

Is Another Civil War Possible In America? – The Mehdi Hasan Show

Public policy professor Jack Goldstone predicted three decades ago that elitism, inequality and political obstruction would help usher a Trump-like figure into power. His latest prediction? Another U.S. civil war. He and historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat join Mehdi to discuss.

People Think Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is ‘Calling For Civil War’ With New Twitter Poll – MSNBC

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