We Talk to Interracial Couples 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia – VICE News

50 years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Loving — Mildred and Richard Loving, who successfully sued the state of Virginia, forcing it to recognize their interracial marriage. That landmark case overturned laws against interracial marriages all across the country.

Do the Police Actually Keep Us Safe? – VICE News

On this episode of Do Your Research, we take a deep look into the reality of policing.

Ukrainian Soldiers Are Preparing for Russia to Invade (Again) – VICE

Although it’s deployed more than 100,000 troops and military hardware to its border, Russia insists it’s not about to invade Ukraine again. The US and its allies aren’t so sure. Caught in the middle, Ukraine is appealing for calm – and more Western weapons to defend itself. We report from the frontlines of the ongoingContinue reading “Ukrainian Soldiers Are Preparing for Russia to Invade (Again) – VICE”

White Supremacy, 4 Years After Charlottesville – VICE News

The VICE News Extremism Desk launches with an investigation into the rise of white supremacy in the U.S. since the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

Myanmar’s Rohingya Genocide – VICE

Over half a million Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar have fled brutal ethnic violence carried out by their government. While unprecedented numbers of refugees have found safety across the border in Bangladesh, their fates are uncertain. The international community has been reluctant to take action against Myanmar, and plans are underway to return those who escaped.Continue reading “Myanmar’s Rohingya Genocide – VICE”

The Taliban’s Far Right Fan Base | Decade of Hate – VICE

As the Taliban ripped through Afghanistan in August 2021 – most of the world watched in horror. But in chat rooms and message boards on the darker corners of the web – far-right groups have been praising the Taliban’s takeover, lauding their religious fundamentalism, execution of opponents, and hatred of so-called liberalism. In this episodeContinue reading “The Taliban’s Far Right Fan Base | Decade of Hate – VICE”

The Hindu Extremists at War With Interfaith Love – VICE News

Hindu nationalist vigilanties believe India is in the grips of an Islamic plot called “Love Jihad”. They work with police to track down interfaith couples, and “rescue” Hindu women who’ve been allegedly seduced into marriage and forced religious conversion.

QAnon Conspiracies Are Tearing Through Evangelical America – VICE News

It’s been almost a year since we heard anything from the shadowy figure behind QAnon, yet the wild conspiracy is gaining a foothold in evangelical churches. VICE investigates how congregations across the country have become fertile ground for disinformation and conspiracy theories.

Thousands at Risk in Lebanon As Hospitals Face Closure – VICE News

The collapse of Lebanon’s economy is one of the worst ever recorded, and nowhere can it be felt more than in the ER of Beirut’s main public hospital.

A War Over Weed & Water Is Tearing Apart This California Community – VICE News

A battle has erupted over water and weed in Northern California, and the fight has pitted some long-time residents against a community of refugees from Southeast Asia.

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