U.S. Senate unanimously condemns Putin as war criminal

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday unanimously passed a resolution condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin as a war criminal, a rare show of unity in the deeply divided Congress. The resolution, introduced by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and backed by senators of both parties, encouraged the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague and other nationsContinue reading “U.S. Senate unanimously condemns Putin as war criminal”

Russia now has right to build military bases in eastern Ukraine – treaties

Russia has acquired the right to build military bases in Ukraine’s two breakaway regions under treaties signed by President Vladimir Putin with their separatist leaders. Putin on Monday officially recognised the two breakaway regions – the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic – as independent statelets, defying Western warnings that such aContinue reading “Russia now has right to build military bases in eastern Ukraine – treaties”

Let’s talk about Ukraine warming up

Let’s talk about Russia reducing forces near Ukraine – Beau of the Fifth Column

Ukraine reaffirms desire to join NATO after envoy comments

NATO membership remains an absolute priority for Ukraine, a spokesman for Volodymyr Zelenskyy said as Ukraine’s UK ambassador backtracked on comments that Kyiv was “flexible” on the issue. Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO and the European Union remain an absolute priority, a spokesman for Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Monday. The country’s Foreign Ministry took itContinue reading “Ukraine reaffirms desire to join NATO after envoy comments”

Japan protests after Russia announces exercise near disputed island

Japan has lodged two protests with Russia after Moscow announced it will hold military exercises this month around islands claimed by Tokyo, the government said Monday. Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said the protests were made on Thursday and Friday after Russia issued navigation warnings ahead of target practice exercises from Tuesday through March 1Continue reading “Japan protests after Russia announces exercise near disputed island”

Senior U.S. military officials arrive in Poland – CBS News

Senior U.S. military officials arrived in Poland on Saturday amid Russia’s buildup of troops along Ukraine’s border. Meanwhile, American troops are also in Germany and heading to the region to support NATO allies. CBS News correspondent Christina Ruffini reports from the White House and CBS News intelligence and national security reporter Olivia Gazis joins CBSContinue reading “Senior U.S. military officials arrive in Poland – CBS News”

Ukraine crisis: China throws support behind Putin, Russia – ABC News

As the tensions along the Ukraine-Russia border heat up, Chinese leader Xi Jinping offered his support to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

China joins Russia in opposing Nato expansion

China has joined Russia in opposing further Nato expansion as the two countries move closer together in the face of Western pressure. Moscow and Beijing issued a statement showcasing their agreement on a raft of issues during a visit by Russia’s Vladimir Putin for the Winter Olympics. Mr Putin claims Western powers are using theContinue reading “China joins Russia in opposing Nato expansion”

Ukrainian Soldiers Are Preparing for Russia to Invade (Again) – VICE

Although it’s deployed more than 100,000 troops and military hardware to its border, Russia insists it’s not about to invade Ukraine again. The US and its allies aren’t so sure. Caught in the middle, Ukraine is appealing for calm – and more Western weapons to defend itself. We report from the frontlines of the ongoingContinue reading “Ukrainian Soldiers Are Preparing for Russia to Invade (Again) – VICE”

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