Reconstruction: Crash Course Black American History #19

At the end of the Civil War, the United States was still a very divided place. 700,000 people had died in a bitter fight over slavery. Reconstruction was the political process meant to bring the country back together. It was also the mechanism by which the country would extend the rights of citizenship to BlackContinue reading “Reconstruction: Crash Course Black American History #19”

‘Holocaust was a scam’ projected on Swedish synagogue during antisemitism summit

Words were seen on several buildings in country; neo-Nazi group claims responsibility for the incident Swedish police are investigating how the words “the Holocaust was a scam” were projected onto the main synagogue in Malmö while the city was holding an international forum on combating antisemitism. The projection was seen on the Synagogue of MalmöContinue reading “‘Holocaust was a scam’ projected on Swedish synagogue during antisemitism summit”

Jan. 6 Committee Sets Bannon Contempt Vote For Tuesday – MSNBC

Biden says the Jan. 6 Committee subpoena holdouts should be prosecuted and a Capitol Police officer is charged with obstructing the investigation. Meanwhile an FDA panel recommends J&J Covid booster shot for adults.

Glenn Youngkin Appears on Neo-Nazi-Linked Sebastian Gorka’s Show

Republican candidate for governor Glenn Youngkin appeared on Sebastian Gorka’s “America First” radio show in a clip posted to Gorka’s website Monday night. Gorka, a former Trump White House official turned Salem Broadcasting radio host, has a long history of Islamophobic comments, once saying that taking Muslim refugees into America would be a “national suicide.” A Nazi-linked Hungarian group—whose pin GorkaContinue reading “Glenn Youngkin Appears on Neo-Nazi-Linked Sebastian Gorka’s Show”

Jan. 6 panel subpoenas a Trump ally who promised to pursue his election fraud claims

The Democratic-led House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol issued a subpoena Wednesday for an ex-Justice Department official who had promised to pursue former President Donald Trump’s false election fraud claims. The official, Jeffrey Clark, was a key figure in a recent Senate report detailing Trump’s attempts to enlist the department in his effortsContinue reading “Jan. 6 panel subpoenas a Trump ally who promised to pursue his election fraud claims”

Florida School Board Member Details Terrifying Harassment By Anti-Maskers – MSNBC

Jennifer Jenkins, Brevard County Florida School Board member, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the harassment she has faced for supporting masks and why “it only takes one person to terrorize you.”  

Why Are There SO Many Confederate Monuments? – Origin of Everything

Origin of Everything takes a field trip to Washington, D.C. and explores the painful history and legacy of America’s Civil War. Danielle looks at Confederate and Union Civil War monuments and what spurred their construction after the war.

Hacked Records Reveal Hundreds Of Oath Keepers Across New Jersey

Over the last decade, dozens of current and former law enforcement officers, military personnel, and government officials in New Jersey joined a far-right, anti-government militia called the Oath Keepers, according to a WNYC/Gothamist analysis of what appear to be membership rolls obtained by an anonymous hacker. In response, the state’s Attorney General’s office said itContinue reading “Hacked Records Reveal Hundreds Of Oath Keepers Across New Jersey”

Michigan GOP Rep. Wears QAnon Pin at Pro-Trump Protest

“A lot of the people that are here today follow the same channels and they understand,” Michigan GOP Rep. Daire Rendon told VICE News. A Michigan Republican lawmaker wore a pin with a flag with a “Q” on it as she addressed demonstrators at an election protest Tuesday in Lansing supported by former President DonaldContinue reading “Michigan GOP Rep. Wears QAnon Pin at Pro-Trump Protest”

People Think Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is ‘Calling For Civil War’ With New Twitter Poll – MSNBC

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