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VIDEO: American Psychosis – Chris Hedges on the US empire of narcissism and psychopathy

Directed by Amanda Zackem

How Fascists Are Taking Advantage Of Climate Change – Second Thought

We all understand that climate change is real, it’s here, and that the consequences of our inaction will be disastrous for our species and countless other forms of life around the world. But what happens when those in positions of power see climate change as a means to an end? A way to make trulyContinue reading “How Fascists Are Taking Advantage Of Climate Change – Second Thought”

Let’s talk about an injunction in Texas – Beau of the Fifth Column

I’m Ready to Be Arrested”: Activist in Moscow Says Mass Russian Protests Can Stop Putin’s War – Democracy Now!

We go to Moscow to look at the growing antiwar movement in Russia, where activists are risking a brutal crackdown to oppose their government’s assault on Ukraine. Arshak Makichyan is a climate activist who recently joined protests against the invasion and says the actions of the Russian government do not reflect the will of theContinue reading “I’m Ready to Be Arrested”: Activist in Moscow Says Mass Russian Protests Can Stop Putin’s War – Democracy Now!”

Jim Jordan: Trump ‘Right on Target’ to Suggest Executions for Clinton Campaign Aides

MAGA-boosting Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) declared on Sunday morning that former President Donald Trump was “right on target” with his statement reacting to the latest developments in the Durham probe—a statement that suggested executions for Clinton-linked operatives. After Fox News reported that Special Counsel John Durham filed a motion alleging that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign paid a technology company toContinue reading “Jim Jordan: Trump ‘Right on Target’ to Suggest Executions for Clinton Campaign Aides”

World accused of ‘sitting and watching’ as Myanmar slides to war – Al Jazeera

One year since the military coup in Myanmar, calls for international action are growing louder, notably from the National Unity Government (NUG), made up of elected politicians who were thrown out of office by the generals.

North Korea’s second missile launch this week – GMA

Martha Raddatz has the latest on reports that North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles, marking its third weapons launch this week. North Korea was quick to react to the U.S.’ latest sanctions on the North. The regime says it’s going to HAVE TO take tougher action if Washington keeps an aggressive attitude towards theContinue reading “North Korea’s second missile launch this week – GMA”

Kazakhstan: More than 160 killed, 5,000 arrested during riots – Al Jazeera

More than 160 people were killed and 5,000 arrested in Kazakhstan after the riots that shook Central Asia’s largest country over the past week. The interior ministry, quoted on Sunday by local media, said initial estimates put property damage at about 175 million euros ($198m) after the deadly violence. Al Jazeera’s Robin Forestier-Walker reports.

Gravitas: Kazakhstan protests create a new headache for Putin – WION

Kazakhstan is a country in crisis. Overwhelmed by the public anger, Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has called in Russian paratroopers. What’s at stake for the Russian President in Kazakhstan? Palki Sharma tells you more.

The ongoing challenges to democracy in Asia – DW News

Many regions in Asia saw challenges to their democratic form of governance in 2021. But there were always people who stood up to abuses of power. We look at how in Myanmar, Hong Kong, India and the Philippines.