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Germany urges unity as crisis worsens for migrants at Poland-Belarus border

German interior minister says Poland needs support to deal with ‘hybrid threat’ of politically organised migration Germany needs to get the “whole of the democratic world” onboard to support orderly immigration to Europe, its interior minister has said, amid a worsening crisis at the Poland-Belarus border. Horst Seehofer accused Belarus and Russia of exploiting refugeesContinue reading “Germany urges unity as crisis worsens for migrants at Poland-Belarus border”


How The United States Ended Up With Two Right-Wing Parties – Second Though

We hear a lot about the Democrats being “the radical left.” Most of us know this obviously isn’t the case, but what many Americans don’t realize is that the Democrats should not be considered left-wing at all. In this episode we’re exploring the ratchet effect and the long rightward shift of the Democratic Party.

Bolsonaro supporters force entry into Brazil capital’s mall

Supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro broke through police roadblocks Monday night that had sought to prevent access to the capital’s central mall on the eve of a demonstration scheduled to coincide with Brazil’s Independence Day. The Federal District’s security secretariat said in a statement that officers had been deployed in an effort to control theContinue reading “Bolsonaro supporters force entry into Brazil capital’s mall”

Watchdog Demands Probe Of Kevin McCarthy’s Threats Against Firms In Jan. 6 Investigation

Rep. McCarthy and Rep. Greene baselessly claimed companies could be shut down if they comply with legal requests from the House select committee. A watchdog group has filed an ethics complaint against House Minority Leader Kevin McCathy (R-Calif.) and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) for threatening companies subpoenaed by the House select committee probing the CapitolContinue reading “Watchdog Demands Probe Of Kevin McCarthy’s Threats Against Firms In Jan. 6 Investigation”

The IPCC’s New “CODE RED” Climate Report – Second Thought

Revealed: neo-Confederate group includes military officers and politicians

Leaked data shows other high-profile members have overlapping membership in more explicitly racist or violent groups Leaked membership data from the neo-Confederate Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) organization has revealed that the organization’s members include serving military officers, elected officials, public employees, and a national security expert whose CV boasts of “Department of Defense SecretContinue reading “Revealed: neo-Confederate group includes military officers and politicians”

UK: Labour Party Loses Badly After Replacing Corbyn With Starmer – The Rational National

The Labour Party suffered incredible losses in England’s elections in Labour’s first test after replacing Jeremy Corbyn with new leader Keir Starmer.

Colombia: National strike defeats tax reform for now, repression and militarisation continue

In the face of strong popular rejection, a massive national strike and four days of nationwide mobilisations, Colombian President Ivan Duque announced the withdrawal of the so-called “Sustainable Solidarity” bill on May 2. The neoliberal tax reform bill would force the working class to pay for a US$6.5 billion deficit incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic. DuqueContinue reading “Colombia: National strike defeats tax reform for now, repression and militarisation continue”