Rebel groups in eastern Myanmar join forces against the gov’t – Al Jazeera

In the year since Myanmar’s coup, many opposed to military rule have joined the ranks of ethnic armed groups fighting the government. Kayah State in the east has seen some of the heaviest fighting as the conflict escalates.

UN warns of ‘mass deaths’ in Myanmar after 100,000 flee fighting

UN says people fleeing military’s ‘brutal, indiscriminate attacks’ in eastern Kayah are in dire need of food and water. A United Nations rights expert has warned of “mass deaths from starvation, disease and exposure” in eastern Myanmar after “brutal, indiscriminate attacks” by the military forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes inContinue reading “UN warns of ‘mass deaths’ in Myanmar after 100,000 flee fighting”

Karenni resistance fighters open new front against junta

The Karenni People’s Defence Force went on the offensive over the weekend, but now faces an overwhelming show of force As armed resistance to the Myanmar military’s February 1 coup continues to grow around the country, a new front has opened in the struggle between regime forces and civilians fighting back with homemade weapons.  SinceContinue reading “Karenni resistance fighters open new front against junta”

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