Let’s talk about the California recall and what it means for Trump – Beau of the Fifth Column

‘A Whole Bunch of Crazy’: Inside the South Carolina GOP’s MAGA Coup

Local Tea Party leader Pressley Stutts said Trump’s instructions to the faithful were clear: “‘Go purge, get rid of the RINOs in the Republican Party.’ So we took him seriously.” When Lenna Smith arrived at her precinct’s annual Republican Party organizing meeting last month, she didn’t expect to be greeted by a dozen strangers. SmithContinue reading “‘A Whole Bunch of Crazy’: Inside the South Carolina GOP’s MAGA Coup”

Trump on acquittal: MAGA ‘has only just begun’

Former President Trump declared victory on Saturday after Senate Republicans voted to acquit him for a second time, saying that his political movement “has only just begun” and that he would have more to share in the near future. Trump thanked his legal team for “upholding justice and defending truth.” “Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement toContinue reading “Trump on acquittal: MAGA ‘has only just begun’”

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