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Turkey’s Erdogan Raises Coup Clashes in Warning Rivals Against Protests

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered a stern warning for any Turkish citizens preparing to protest against his government, as anger rises over soaring inflation and opposition parties step up their criticism of economic policy. In a televised speech in Ankara on Tuesday, Erdogan said supporters of his AK Party and its nationalist ally remained united,Continue reading “Turkey’s Erdogan Raises Coup Clashes in Warning Rivals Against Protests”


Turkey Urges Russia to Drop ‘One-Sided’ NATO Demands

Turkey urged Russia on Monday to drop “one-sided” demands and adopt a more constructive approach in its standoff with Western powers and NATO over Ukraine. NATO member Turkey has irritated Moscow by supplying combat drones to Ukraine that Russia fears could be used by Kiev in its conflict with separatists in two eastern regions. ButContinue reading “Turkey Urges Russia to Drop ‘One-Sided’ NATO Demands”

Erdogan says Turkey is set to banish 10 Western ambassadors

Kavala has been in prison since late 2017 He denies charges of role in failed coup and mass protests Rights groups say case emblematic of crackdown in Turkey Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday he had ordered the foreign ministry to declare 10 ambassadors from Western countries ‘persona non grata’ for calling for theContinue reading “Erdogan says Turkey is set to banish 10 Western ambassadors”

Turkish Women March as Ankara Quits Domestic Violence Treaty

Thousands of Turkish women took to the streets on the day Ankara pulled out of the so-called Istanbul Convention on women’s rights and domestic violence, despite the best efforts of police to stop them. Tens of thousands of Turkish women rallied across the country on Thursday evening to protest the government’s decision to pull outContinue reading “Turkish Women March as Ankara Quits Domestic Violence Treaty”