Lebanon tensions test Hezbollah-Aoun alliance

Aoun, Hezbollah diverge over port blast probe Geagea wins Christian sympathy over Beirut violence-analysts Christian seats are main battleground in 2022 vote Worsening sectarian tensions in Lebanon are testing an alliance between Shi’ite Hezbollah and its Christian ally President Michel Aoun, who may lose ground to their rivals as they step up opposition to theContinue reading “Lebanon tensions test Hezbollah-Aoun alliance”

Two Hindu men killed, temples vandalised in Bangladesh violence

Religious violence erupts after photo widely circulated on social media shows the Quran placed on the knee of a Hindu deity. Police in Bangladesh have detained at least 300 suspects after two Hindu men were killed and temples vandalised following unrest triggered by the alleged desecration of the Muslim holy book during a Hindu religiousContinue reading “Two Hindu men killed, temples vandalised in Bangladesh violence”

Tens of thousands demonstrate in Rome against neo-fascists

Tens of thousands of union members and other Italians gathered in Rome to stand up against rising fascism Saturday, a week after right-wing extremists forced their way into the headquarters of Italy’s most powerful labor confederation while protesting a COVID-19 certification requirement for workplaces. The head of the CGIL union confederation, Maurizio Landini, led theContinue reading “Tens of thousands demonstrate in Rome against neo-fascists”

Social media misinformation stokes a worsening civil war in Ethiopia

As Tamu Shatallah walked past the inauguration stage draped in gold, his thoughts were on the deadly civil war that has plagued Ethiopia for nearly a year. It’s a war “between brothers, between sisters,” Tamu said. A war that, as far as he can tell, has done nothing for his country. That stage in Ethiopia’sContinue reading “Social media misinformation stokes a worsening civil war in Ethiopia”

Lebanon: Deadly chaos erupts during Beirut blast probe – WION

Armed clashes have broken out in Beirut during a protest, people were seen protesting against the lead judge who was investigating the last year’s massive blast in the city’s port.

Florida School Board Member Details Terrifying Harassment By Anti-Maskers – MSNBC

Jennifer Jenkins, Brevard County Florida School Board member, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the harassment she has faced for supporting masks and why “it only takes one person to terrorize you.”  

Hacked Records Reveal Hundreds Of Oath Keepers Across New Jersey

Over the last decade, dozens of current and former law enforcement officers, military personnel, and government officials in New Jersey joined a far-right, anti-government militia called the Oath Keepers, according to a WNYC/Gothamist analysis of what appear to be membership rolls obtained by an anonymous hacker. In response, the state’s Attorney General’s office said itContinue reading “Hacked Records Reveal Hundreds Of Oath Keepers Across New Jersey”

‘Threats Of Violence’: Biden On Offense Amid Menacing Anti-Vaxxers – MSNBC

The Biden administration is pushing its partial vaccine mandate of large companies as anti-vaxxers push against people getting vaccinated. MSNBC’s Ari Melber discusses the rise in disturbing, partisan attacks across the country and fact-checks lies about the effectiveness of vaccines. Melber clarifies that while people have the right to say what they believe, they don’tContinue reading “‘Threats Of Violence’: Biden On Offense Amid Menacing Anti-Vaxxers – MSNBC”

Ex-Myanmar president says army tried to force him to cede power

Win Myint’s testimony in court challenges army’s insistence that no coup took place, and that power was transferred lawfully. Win Myint, Myanmar’s civilian president who was removed from office by the military, has testified that the generals tried to force him to relinquish power hours before the February 1 coup, warning him he could beContinue reading “Ex-Myanmar president says army tried to force him to cede power”

People Think Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is ‘Calling For Civil War’ With New Twitter Poll – MSNBC

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