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Rebel groups in eastern Myanmar join forces against the gov’t – Al Jazeera

In the year since Myanmar’s coup, many opposed to military rule have joined the ranks of ethnic armed groups fighting the government. Kayah State in the east has seen some of the heaviest fighting as the conflict escalates.

Myanmar streets are emptied by ‘silent strike’ against military rule

The U.S. said it was “outraged” by reports that soldiers had burned villagers alive, calling for the junta to end the use of violence against opponents. Protesters in Myanmar closed businesses and stayed off the streets on Friday in a “silent strike” against rule by the military and its ousting of the Southeast Asian country’s democratically electedContinue reading “Myanmar streets are emptied by ‘silent strike’ against military rule”

Over 100 Myanmar Junta Troops Killed in Clashes

Over 100 Myanmar military soldiers were reportedly killed on Tuesday and Wednesday in clashes with civilian resistance groups in Sagaing, Magwe, Tanintharyi regions and Chin, Mon and Shan states. In all, 104 junta soldiers died. On Wednesday morning, at least 12 junta soldiers were killed and two military vehicles damaged by mine attacks launched byContinue reading “Over 100 Myanmar Junta Troops Killed in Clashes”

U.N. envoy says ‘civil war’ has spread throughout Myanmar

The outgoing U.N. envoy for Myanmar says “civil war” has spread throughout the country and the international community should consider measures aimed at replacing the military junta’s leaders with people who are more constructive and want to find a peaceful solution to the army’s ouster of the elected government. Christine Schraner Burgener, whose 3 1/2-yearContinue reading “U.N. envoy says ‘civil war’ has spread throughout Myanmar”

Myanmar’s Rohingya Genocide – VICE

Over half a million Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar have fled brutal ethnic violence carried out by their government. While unprecedented numbers of refugees have found safety across the border in Bangladesh, their fates are uncertain. The international community has been reluctant to take action against Myanmar, and plans are underway to return those who escaped.Continue reading “Myanmar’s Rohingya Genocide – VICE”

Fear and uncertainty for Myanmar dissidents in Thailand

Myanmar dissidents who fled army crackdown are living in hiding in Thailand as they try to seek humanitarian protection in third countries. When Myanmar’s military staged a coup on February 1, Kaung Latt’s career as an entertainer came to an abrupt halt. A prominent supporter of the deposed National League for Democracy (NLD) government andContinue reading “Fear and uncertainty for Myanmar dissidents in Thailand”

Myanmar: reports of 15 or more killed after nationwide uprising call

Villagers report school students mong those killed amid fighting with government troops near Gangaw township Fifteen to 20 villagers, including several teenagers, have been killed in some of Myanmar’s deadliest fighting since July between government troops and resistance forces, a villager and reports by independent media said. The fighting near Gangaw township in the north-westernContinue reading “Myanmar: reports of 15 or more killed after nationwide uprising call”

Myanmar shadow government calls for uprising against military

National Unity Government calls on all citizens to ‘revolt against the rule of the military terrorists’ in every corner of the country. Myanmar’s shadow government has called for a “people’s defensive war” against the country’s military, prompting a flare-up in fighting in borderlands, according to media reports, as several powerful ethnic groups expressed support forContinue reading “Myanmar shadow government calls for uprising against military”

10 killed in Myanmar clashes between army and anti-junta fighters

At least 10 anti-junta fighters and civilians were killed during clashes with the military in central Myanmar, villagers said Sunday, as locals increasingly take up arms against the regime in the coup-wracked country. Myanmar has been in turmoil since a February coup that ousted Aung San Suu Kyi’s government, with 890 people killed in aContinue reading “10 killed in Myanmar clashes between army and anti-junta fighters”

Myanmar army ‘tightens grip’ on multibillion jade trade: Report

Coup leader General Min Aung Hlaing’s son implicated in the importation of dynamite used in open pit jade mines. Myanmar’s military has further tightened its grip on the country’s jade trade, using the industry to finance the February 1 coup that plunged the country into turmoil, a new report released on Tuesday says, naming theContinue reading “Myanmar army ‘tightens grip’ on multibillion jade trade: Report”