Neoliberalism | US Political Polarization – The Cynical Historian

Neoliberalism is why we’ve become so unequal over the course of this party system. As a result, the US is more divided politically than most of us can remember. Characteristics that unify neoliberals are: -emphasis of individuality and rejection of groups -market liberalism and fiscal conservatism (which are kinda the same thing) -privatization of publicContinue reading “Neoliberalism | US Political Polarization – The Cynical Historian”

Europe in the Global Age: Crash Course European History #48

In which John looks at what it even means to live in a global age, as we’ve been talking about Europe’s role in the global community for 47 episodes now. But, pedantry aside, the world is more connected than ever, and that has had effects in Europe. Today we’ll investigate how trade, communications, and diseaseContinue reading “Europe in the Global Age: Crash Course European History #48”

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