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Let’s talk about nurses and a message to hospital administrators – Beau of the Fifth Column

US: COVID-19 hospitalizations rise as Omicron variant spreads

Omicron’s rapid spread is fueling a wave of new COVID-19 hospitalizations in the United States. More children are also being admitted to hospitals, according to CDC data. CBS News correspondent Janet Shamlian reports from Houston. Then Dr. Jeremy Faust, emergency physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School, joins CBSN’s Lilia Luciano toContinue reading “US: COVID-19 hospitalizations rise as Omicron variant spreads”

Gravitas: Omicron Surge: Troops deployed to London hospitals – WION

The British Armed Forces have sent 200 personnel into NHS hospitals across London to plug staff shortages. Last week, 9.5 million people worldwide tested positive for the Wuhan virus. Palki Sharma brings you a report.

Canada: COVID-19 hospitalizations up 67 per cent in week as Omicron takes hold

The number of COVID-19 patients in Canadian hospitals climbed by 67 per cent over the past week, including a 9-per-cent increase in infected people in intensive care units, according to data compiled by The Globe and Mail. The highly transmissible Omicron variant of COVID-19 has swept across Canada in little over a month. Now, asContinue reading “Canada: COVID-19 hospitalizations up 67 per cent in week as Omicron takes hold”

How Does Disease Move? Crash Course Geography #34

From outbreaks of measles in the United States and cholera in Haiti to patterns of lead poisoning near gold mines in Nigeria, medical geographers play an important role in tracking disease in the landscape. Today, we’re going to look at strategies medical geographers use to help as many people as possible achieve the highest levelContinue reading “How Does Disease Move? Crash Course Geography #34”

Fox News host urges ‘kill shot’ against Fauci

Jesse Watters ‘should be fired on the spot,’ president’s medical adviser says Anthony Fauci on Tuesday said that Fox News host Jesse Watters should be fired for using violent language at a conservative conference to encourage attendees to ambush him and “go in for the kill shot.” “I mean, that’s crazy,” Fauci added. “The guyContinue reading “Fox News host urges ‘kill shot’ against Fauci”

Stalin’s Doctor’s Plot: The Paranoid Conspiracy against the Soviet Jews – The Cold War

Our historical documentary series on the history of the Cold War continues with an animated video on the Doctor’s Plot – as the Soviet leader Stalin suddenly decides that there is a plot of Jewish Doctors against him and starts persecuting them.

Super typhoon causes devastation as it rips through Philippines – BBC News

A popular tourist island is among areas left devastated after a powerful typhoon ripped through the southern Philippines, officials say. Super typhoon Rai made landfall on the holiday island of Siargao on Thursday, bringing winds of about 195km/h (120mph) and heavy rainfall. The tropical storm has levelled homes on islands along its path, displacing hundredsContinue reading “Super typhoon causes devastation as it rips through Philippines – BBC News”

Covid: Inside an ICU as UK cases hit new record high – Channel 4

The surge in Omicron has already pushed Covid infections to their highest on record and that is just the cases we know about.

This health department stops ‘all COVID-19 related work’ after Missouri AG threat

The local health department of a rural southern Missouri county is halting its COVID-19 response efforts after Attorney General Eric Schmitt wrote agencies this week demanding they drop mitigation measures. The Laclede County Health Department, which serves a 35,000-person county northeast of Springfield, made the announcement in a Facebook post Thursday morning that it was suspending “allContinue reading “This health department stops ‘all COVID-19 related work’ after Missouri AG threat”