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Siberian wildfires dwarf all others on Earth combined

Smoke just reached the North Pole in a first. Smoke from massive wildfires in Russia’s Siberia region has reached the geographic North Pole “for the first time in recorded history,” according to NASA — while the forest blazes themselves are bigger than all the other wildfires currently burning in the world combined, one expert said.  The U.SContinue reading “Siberian wildfires dwarf all others on Earth combined”

‘Everything is on fire’: Siberia hit by unprecedented burning

Locals fear for their health and property as smoke from raging forest fires shrouds an entire region of eastern Russia Every morning and evening for the last few days, shifts of young villagers have headed out into the taiga forest around Teryut with a seemingly impossible task: to quell the raging fires that have burnedContinue reading “‘Everything is on fire’: Siberia hit by unprecedented burning”