Let’s talk about Earth’s Black Box – Beau of the Fifth Column

Weather disasters becoming more frequent and costly: UN (September, 2021)

Number of extreme weather disasters shot up nearly fivefold from 1970s to most recent decade due to global warming. The number of weather disasters – such as floods and heatwaves – driven by climate change has increased fivefold during the past 50 years, killing more than two million people and costing $3.64 trillion in totalContinue reading “Weather disasters becoming more frequent and costly: UN (September, 2021)”

Pandemic boosts super-rich share of global wealth

The share of household wealth owned by billionaires has risen by a record amount during the pandemic, with millionaires also coming out of COVID-19 ahead, a study found on Tuesday. The World Inequality Report produced by a network of social scientists estimated that billionaires this year collectively own 3.5% of global household wealth, up fromContinue reading “Pandemic boosts super-rich share of global wealth”

Report: China extradited over 600 Taiwanese worldwide – WION

China is on a mission to subdue Taiwan, it has previously used its military might, flying Chinese warcraft inside Taiwan’s defence airspace and now a new report has revealed that Beijing is using diplomatic pressure on foreign govt to deport Taiwan nationals to China.

Hong Kong press freedom is in ‘free fall’ as China’s journalism crackdown goes global, says Reporters Without Borders

In its latest report on the state of journalism in China, Reporters Without Borders says “the repression no longer spares Hong Kong, once a champion of press freedom.” A prominent international media watchdog says press freedom in Hong Kong is in “free fall,” as it voices concern over the increasing sophistication with which the ChineseContinue reading “Hong Kong press freedom is in ‘free fall’ as China’s journalism crackdown goes global, says Reporters Without Borders”

Biden and Putin set to talk over Russia invading Ukraine on video call – WION

US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a video call on Tuesday, with the two leaders set to discuss the tense situation in Ukraine.

Super-rich increase their share of world’s income

The share of wealth owned by the world’s richest people soared during the Covid pandemic, a major study on inequality has found. The World Inequality Report said that 2020 saw the steepest increase in billionaires’ wealth on record. Meanwhile, 100 million people sank into extreme poverty, the report from the Paris-based World Inequality Lab said. TheContinue reading “Super-rich increase their share of world’s income”

US says will send troops to Eastern Europe if Russia attacks Ukraine – France24

The United States will impose “severe economic harm” on Russia and boost its military presence in Eastern Europe should Moscow invade Ukraine, the White House warned Monday, laying out the high stakes on the eve of talks between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

US ‘dark money’ groups behind Mississippi abortion case spend millions overseas

Groups behind a Supreme Court test case that threatens the constitutional right to abortion in the US are targeting Europe and Latin America too US conservative groups behind a Supreme Court legal battle that could shape the future of American abortion rights have spent at least $28m around the world between 2016 and 2019 on campaigns against women’s andContinue reading “US ‘dark money’ groups behind Mississippi abortion case spend millions overseas”

Omicron Triggers ‘Unprecedented’ COVID Surge Hitting Under Children Under Age 5 in South Africa

Until now, the coronavirus pandemic has largely spared the youngest children. That’s all starting to change in variant-swamped South Africa. The “highly transmissible” Omicron variant of coronavirus ripping through South Africa is putting disproportionately large numbers of children under 5 years old in hospitals, a top South African government medical adviser said Friday. The alarming development raisesContinue reading “Omicron Triggers ‘Unprecedented’ COVID Surge Hitting Under Children Under Age 5 in South Africa”

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