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Qatar to help Germany cut reliance on Russian oil amid Ukraine conflict – WION

Turkish President Erdogan arrives in UAE for the first time in nearly a decade – WION

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has arrived in the United Arab Emirates for the first time in nearly a decade, to improve ties between the two nations.

Israeli officials rushing to evacuate citizens from Ukraine as Russia tensions escalate – WION

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is seeking to evacuate as many Israelis as possible from Ukraine amid growing fears of a Russian invasion.

Germany leads NATO operation in Lithuania, sends troops – WION

Germany is leading a NATO operation in Lithuania and has stationed around 500 soldiers there. Also, the German chancellor Olaf Scholz has offered a clarification on why Germany is not supplying weapons to the Ukraine.

Chinese officials drag away Dutch reporter as Winter Olympics are underway in Beijing – WION

Beijing Winter Games have kicked off while china may be lauding its zero COVID-19 strategies, its officials drag away a reporter.

A Study reveals that Mount Everest is melting faster than expected due to Global Warming – WION

A study has revealed that Mount Everest is melting faster than expected due to Global Warming and strong winds.

French President Emmanuel Macron hosts meeting on Ukraine crisis including Germany, Russia

The French President on Monday Emmanuel Macron is hosting a meeting between the leaders of France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia on the conflict in eastern Ukraine in a bid to make progress toward possible solutions.

More Russian troops to arrive in Belarus soon, says Ukraine – WION

Ukraine says, there are at least 127,000 Russian troops at its borders and thousands more are expected to arrive in Belarus soon.

More than 100 people killed in Yemen’s prison – WION

More than 100 people have been killed in Yemen’s prison due to an airstrike. In the latest, the Saudi-led coalition has denied targeting the prison.

COVID News: Australia witnesses massive spike, surge fueled by Omicron variant – WION

Omicron cases continue to spread virtually as a wildfire. Australia has now said that it has surpassed the grim milestone of a million Covid-19 infections with more than half of them having been recorded in the past week.