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VIDEO: Why You Should Be Worried About the Supreme Court | System Error – VICE News

In this episode of System Error, we investigate how the U.S. Supreme Court became a broken institution.

How the Supreme Court Plans to Undermine Future Elections

The clock is ticking for the anti-democracy “independent state legislature” takeover. Democratic politicians, along with independents and Republicans who likewise revere democracy, are justifiably savoring 2022 midterm voters’ historic affirmation of the core principle of government by representatives elected by popular majorities. But these pro-democracy leaders must now pivot to confront an as yet unacknowledgedContinue reading “How the Supreme Court Plans to Undermine Future Elections”

Dr. King on Face the Nation – CBS News

MLK discusses marching against the Senate filibuster, segregation, and voting rights in 1964. Interesting Note: This takes place during Lee Atwater’s “Southern Strategy” shifting of the GOP, and is discussed towards the end of this video. #MLKDay

Schumer vows vote on Biden’s $1.75 trillion bill despite Manchin’s rejection

The U.S. Senate will vote early next year on President Joe Biden’s sweeping $1.75 trillion policy bill as well as on voting rights, the chamber’s top Democrat said on Monday, despite conservative Democratic Senator Joe Manchin’s opposition. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer unveiled plans for both votes on Monday, the day after Manchin — who has stood asContinue reading “Schumer vows vote on Biden’s $1.75 trillion bill despite Manchin’s rejection”

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: We Are Beyond The Time For Something On Voting Rights To Pass – MSNBC

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, responds to remarks from Sen. Manchin on BBB and why she calls for cracking down on the Senate and reforming rules.

Renewed Push On Capitol Hill To Protect Voting Rights – MSNBC

Editor-at-large of The 19th Errin Haines, former acting U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal and NBC National Political Reporter Sahil Kapur discuss the new developments in Washington on voting rights, after Senator Joe Manchin met with a group of moderate Democrats.

Gerrymandered Congressional Maps Give Republicans Edge In 2022 Midterms – Ring of Fire

Thanks to the new Congressional maps being drawn, Republicans are already one seat away from winning back a majority in the 2022 midterms. Five Democrat-leaning districts have now become Republican-leaning due to the redistricting, and with Republicans holding a 10-point lead in polling right now, the GOP could be looking at a wave of newContinue reading “Gerrymandered Congressional Maps Give Republicans Edge In 2022 Midterms – Ring of Fire”

Let’s talk about Texas voting rights – Beau of the Fifth Column

Analysis: Why new Ohio redistricting maps are an ‘insult to democracy’ – CNN

CNN’s John Avlon breaks down how the “rigged” redistricting process in Ohio is engineered to help the Republican Party achieve an electoral majority.

Senate Republicans again block sweeping voting rights bill

Party-line vote will significantly increase pressure on Democrats to do away with the filibuster Senate Republicans again blocked a sweeping voting rights bill on Wednesday, a move that will significantly increase pressure on Democrats to do away with the filibuster, a Senate rule that has stymied the most significant priorities in Congress. The vote was 49-51Continue reading “Senate Republicans again block sweeping voting rights bill”