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Gravitas: Tiny Lithuania takes on China – WION

Lithuania is doing what many so-called superpowers have failed to do. They invited Taiwan to open a de-facto embassy in Vilnius and is asking their citizens to dump Chinese phones. Palki Sharma tells you why this Baltic minnow is taking on Beijing.

Slovakia wants to be ‘equal partner’ in trade with Taiwan: official

Slovakia wants to be “an equal partner” to Taiwan, the leader of an official trade delegation to the island said Monday, a sign of growing international support for Taipei having a place on the world stage despite Beijing’s protests. China claims self-ruled democratic Taiwan as its territory, to be retaken one day by force ifContinue reading “Slovakia wants to be ‘equal partner’ in trade with Taiwan: official”

Taiwan Opens Lithuania Representative Office Using Its Own Name

Taipei announced on Thursday it had formally opened a de facto embassy in Lithuania using the name Taiwan, a significant diplomatic departure that defied a pressure campaign by Beijing. China tries to keep Taipei isolated on the world stage and baulks at any official use of the word “Taiwan”, lest it lend a sense ofContinue reading “Taiwan Opens Lithuania Representative Office Using Its Own Name”

Minsk committing ‘crimes against humanity’, says Lithuanian PM

Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė had a phone call with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Monday evening to discuss the situation at the EU’s border with Belarus. According to the government’s press release, Šimonytė told von der Leyen that the Belarusian authorities have “cleansed” of irregular migrants and directed them towards Poland.Continue reading “Minsk committing ‘crimes against humanity’, says Lithuanian PM”

Poland reports record number of migrants at Belarusian border

A record number of migrants have crossed the Polish border with Belarus since Friday, the Border Guard said on Monday, amid accusations Minsk is using illegal crossings to pressure European Union states. Poland and Lithuania have seen a surge in illegal migration in recent weeks that is so severe the countries have appealed to theContinue reading “Poland reports record number of migrants at Belarusian border”

NATO restricts Belarusian access to HQ

Personnel at Belarus’ diplomatic mission to NATO will have their access restricted at the alliance’s headquarters, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Monday, following the forced landing of a passenger plane by Minsk. Belarus is not a member of NATO but has had ties with the military alliance since 1992 following the fall of the SovietContinue reading “NATO restricts Belarusian access to HQ”