Hungary ‘has no place in the EU anymore,’ Dutch leader says

Hungary “has no place” in the European Union after passing a controversial new bill banning LGBTQ content in schools, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Thursday. Earlier this month Hungary’s parliament passed legislation that bans all educational materials and programs for children which are considered to promote homosexuality, gender reassignment, and the concept of sexuality deviating fromContinue reading “Hungary ‘has no place in the EU anymore,’ Dutch leader says”

German stadiums to display rainbow colours during Hungary match in defiance of UEFA ban

German stadiums will display rainbow colours during the country’s match against Hungary at the European Championship on Wednesday after UEFA rejected host city Munich’s plan to do the same. Clubs in Berlin, Wolfsburg, Augsburg, Frankfurt and Cologne said they would light up their venues during the final group game. Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter also saidContinue reading “German stadiums to display rainbow colours during Hungary match in defiance of UEFA ban”

Hungary proposes banning the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality to children

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has proposed banning the “promotion” of sexuality of young people under a new law. The bill would also outlaw promoting sex change among minors, including in schools, films or books. The legal amendments were proposed by the conservative party of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday, according to the parliament’s website.Continue reading “Hungary proposes banning the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality to children”

Hungarians protest planned Chinese university in Budapest

Thousands took to the streets in opposition to the expensive project as soaring debt to China and Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s overly friendly attitude toward Beijing anger many. An estimated 10,000 Hungarians took to the streets of Budapest on Saturday to protest the planned construction of an elite Chinese university campus on a massive plot of derelictContinue reading “Hungarians protest planned Chinese university in Budapest”

Hungary blocks EU Hong Kong statement; Germany calls for change

The European Union must discuss ways of managing dissenting voices among its ranks, including qualified majority voting on foreign policy, according to Miguel Berger at the German Foreign Ministry. A German official on Friday took a dim view of Hungary’s recent moves to block European Union statements, and suggested reform was necessary to enable qualified majorityContinue reading “Hungary blocks EU Hong Kong statement; Germany calls for change”

Orban extends dominance through Hungarian university reform

Hungary’s parliament passed legislation on Tuesday setting up foundations to take over the running of universities and cultural institutions in a move critics say extends the ideological imprint of the ruling right-wing government. Currently, most Hungarian universities are owned by the state but have a large amount of academic autonomy. The bill, drafted by PrimeContinue reading “Orban extends dominance through Hungarian university reform”

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