US rightwing group targets academics with Professor Watchlist

Turning Point USA’s list gains fresh attention after it expands and some notice it disproportionately names academics of color Kellie Carter Jackson, an associate professor of Africana studies at Wellesley College, had never received hate mail before. Then, in June 2020, she wrote an article about the George Floyd protests, addressing the role of riotsContinue reading “US rightwing group targets academics with Professor Watchlist”

Russia penetrated Merkel’s ‘inner circle’, Khodorkovsky says

Russia has recruited allies in German chancellor Angela Merkel’s “inner circle” and in Austrian intelligence services, exiled Russian businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky has warned. But they are just part of a wider pro-Kremlin network in EU states, including the Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, he said. Khodorkovsky made the revelations in aContinue reading “Russia penetrated Merkel’s ‘inner circle’, Khodorkovsky says”

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