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Japan announces sanctions on Russia after Ukraine crisis escalation – DW News Asia

The US, the EU and Japan have all taken steps to restrict Russia’s capacity to borrow on international markets. “We’ve cut off Russia’s government from Western financing,” Biden said. “It can no longer raise money from the West and cannot trade in its new debt on our markets or European markets either.” Von der LeyenContinue reading “Japan announces sanctions on Russia after Ukraine crisis escalation – DW News Asia”

Israeli officials rushing to evacuate citizens from Ukraine as Russia tensions escalate – WION

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is seeking to evacuate as many Israelis as possible from Ukraine amid growing fears of a Russian invasion.

Gravitas: Omicron Surge: Troops deployed to London hospitals – WION

The British Armed Forces have sent 200 personnel into NHS hospitals across London to plug staff shortages. Last week, 9.5 million people worldwide tested positive for the Wuhan virus. Palki Sharma brings you a report.

Omicron update: Soaring COVID-19 infections around the world – DW News

The Omicron variant is causing skyrocketing rates of COVID-19 infections in countries around the world. The Director-General of the World Health Organization says he is extremely worried about the massive spike in cases driven by the simultaneous spread of Delta and Omicron.

Omicron drives record cases in Europe, France reports 180,000 cases – WION

As covid-19 cases are now wreaking havoc across the European continent in particular France, Britain, Greece and Portugal have all reported record daily case numbers. France for one has reported a record high of almost 180,000 confirmed covert cases in the last 24-hour period.

Thailand warns of spike in COVID-19 cases after “super-spreader” event

Thai health authorities warned on Wednesday that residents should brace themselves for a potential jump in coronavirus cases after classifying the country’s first cluster of the Omicron variant as a super-spreader incident. The Omicron cluster identified in the northeastern province of Kalasin on Christmas eve has been linked to a couple who had travelled from Belgium andContinue reading “Thailand warns of spike in COVID-19 cases after “super-spreader” event”

How Does Disease Move? Crash Course Geography #34

From outbreaks of measles in the United States and cholera in Haiti to patterns of lead poisoning near gold mines in Nigeria, medical geographers play an important role in tracking disease in the landscape. Today, we’re going to look at strategies medical geographers use to help as many people as possible achieve the highest levelContinue reading “How Does Disease Move? Crash Course Geography #34”

State Department Warns Americans Against Ukraine Travel Over Russian Threats

The State Department updated its travel advisory for Ukraine Monday to “do not travel,” warning Americans not to make trips there due to “increased threats from Russia” as it continues to build up its forces along Ukraine’s borders. “U.S. citizens should be aware of reports that Russia is planning for significant military action against Ukraine,”Continue reading “State Department Warns Americans Against Ukraine Travel Over Russian Threats”

COVID-19: France to restrict travel from UK over Omicron worries – Global News

As Omicron cases rapidly rise in Europe, multiple countries are taking measures to limit the spread of the highly-contagious variant. In France, starting Saturday, only French citizens and residents can freely travel to the country from the United Kingdom. This is especially as Britain faces a rapid surge of the virus – reporting over 88,300Continue reading “COVID-19: France to restrict travel from UK over Omicron worries – Global News”

Middle-class drug users could lose UK passports under Boris Johnson’s plans

Campaigners say government going backwards by targeting ‘lifestyle’ users of class A drugs with tough criminal sanctions Middle-class drug users are to be targeted as part of a 10-year strategy to be announced by Boris Johnson’s government with a heavy focus on war-on-drugs-era punishment. So-called “lifestyle” users of class A drugs face losing their passports or drivingContinue reading “Middle-class drug users could lose UK passports under Boris Johnson’s plans”