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Russian media reporting ‘thwarted terror attack’ in Donbas

Russian-backed separatists claimed that Ukraine’s Defense Ministry could have organized the alleged attempted attack. The Russian TASS news site reported that an attempted terrorist attack had been thwarted in Luhansk, a city controlled by pro-Russian separatists in the disputed Donbas region, on Tuesday, amid continuing concerns of a possible Russian invasion into Ukraine. The report claimed thatContinue reading “Russian media reporting ‘thwarted terror attack’ in Donbas”

U.S. intelligence: Russia may stage video to create pretext for Ukraine war

U.S. intelligence agencies believe Russia has formed a plan to fabricate a pretext for an invasion of Ukraine, potentially by producing propaganda videos showing a staged attack, the United States said on Thursday. The United States accused Russia of formulating several options to give it an excuse for an invasion of Ukraine amid rising tensions with WesternContinue reading “U.S. intelligence: Russia may stage video to create pretext for Ukraine war”

Russia Cuts Gas Supplies to Europe as Temperatures Drop

Russia’s state-controlled Gazprom slashed its gas supplies to Europe over the weekend, sending prices surging as the continent prepares for a week of sub-zero temperatures. Shipments through the Yamal pipeline — which runs through Belarus and Poland to Germany — were at their lowest for at least a month over the weekend, Interfax reported, citing marketContinue reading “Russia Cuts Gas Supplies to Europe as Temperatures Drop”