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Super-rich increase their share of world’s income

The share of wealth owned by the world’s richest people soared during the Covid pandemic, a major study on inequality has found. The World Inequality Report said that 2020 saw the steepest increase in billionaires’ wealth on record. Meanwhile, 100 million people sank into extreme poverty, the report from the Paris-based World Inequality Lab said. TheContinue reading “Super-rich increase their share of world’s income”


Iran says cyberattack closes gas stations across country

A cyberattack crippled gas stations across Iran on Tuesday, leaving angry motorists stranded in long lines. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, which rendered useless the government-issued electronic cards that many Iranians use to buy subsidized fuel at the pump. It bore similarities to another attack months earlier that seemed to directly challengeContinue reading “Iran says cyberattack closes gas stations across country”

Ahead of election, Pandora Papers cast shadow over Czech PM

Andrej Babis, who denies allegations about his offshore dealings, is under pressure from Czechs, politicians and media. With days to go until national elections in the Czech Republic, Prime Minister Andrej Babis is trying to shake off criticism following allegations about his business dealings in the Pandora Papers. In the headline-grabbing leak published on Sunday, whichContinue reading “Ahead of election, Pandora Papers cast shadow over Czech PM”