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Qatar to help Germany cut reliance on Russian oil amid Ukraine conflict – WION

History Brief: The Truman Doctrine – Reading Through History

This video offers a brief description of the Truman Doctrine and its impact.

Let’s talk about No-fly zones and other options – Beau of the Fifth Column

The Cold War: Crash Course US History #37

In which John Green teaches you about the Cold War, the decades long conflict between the USA and the USSR. The Cold War was called cold because of the lack of actual fighting, but this is inaccurate. There was plenty of fighting, from Korea to Viet Nam to Afghanistan, but we’ll get into that stuffContinue reading “The Cold War: Crash Course US History #37”

S. Korea sees more than 100 COVID-19 deaths in a day for first time – Arirang News

South Korean health authorities on Thursday reported for the first time… more than a hundred COVID-19 related deaths in one day. The number of patients in critical condition has also reached a new peak. Kim Yeon-seung reports.

Gov’t vows to add more beds as Korea sees record high of 1,063 critical cases – Arirang News

The South Korean health authorities have announced plans to secure 25-thousand more hospital beds by next month… for coronavirus patients with moderate to severe symptoms. The country’s been facing a shortage of beds… with severe cases today at a record high again over a thousand.

Australia, UK join diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Games

UK PM says ministers will ‘effectively’ boycott Beijing Australia says athletes will attend but not govt officials Australian ties with China at low over COVID-19, trade U.S. bases action on China’s human rights ‘atrocities’ Japan considering diplomatic boycott – media Australia and Britain will join the United States in a diplomatic boycott of the WinterContinue reading “Australia, UK join diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Games”

Bird flu spreads in Europe and Asia

Several outbreaks of severe bird flu in Europe and Asia have been reported in recent days to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), in a sign the virus is spreading quickly again. The spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza, commonly called bird flu, has put the poultry industry on alert after previous outbreaks ledContinue reading “Bird flu spreads in Europe and Asia”

COP26: Protesters worldwide demand action on climate crisis

Amid COP26 talks, more than 200 events worldwide demand action for communities already affected by climate change. Protests are under way for a second day in cities around the world as part of a global mobilisation against what campaigners say is a lack of urgency to address global warming at a crunch United Nations climate summit inContinue reading “COP26: Protesters worldwide demand action on climate crisis”

President Moon says end-of-war declaration is a ‘starting point to achieve peace’ at the East Asia Summit

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in on Wednesday took part in the East Asia Summit involving 18 nations including leaders of ASEAN members, South Korea, Japan, China, the U.S., Russia, Australia, India and New Zealand, where they discussed regional and international challenges. During the session, held virtually President Moon called for continued support for a formalContinue reading “President Moon says end-of-war declaration is a ‘starting point to achieve peace’ at the East Asia Summit”