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EU agrees on increased sanctions against Belarus

EU foreign ministers gathering in Luxembourg have approved a set of tougher sanctions targeting sectors that will impact the Belarusian regime, according to diplomats. European Union foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg on Monday increased the pressure on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko by approving tougher sanctions on entities supporting his regime, diplomats said. The agreement, struck at a meeting in Luxembourg,Continue reading “EU agrees on increased sanctions against Belarus”

NATO warns Moscow, Minsk against threatening its allies

NATO’s head has warned Russia and Belarus against threatening the alliance’s allies, following the forced landing of a passenger plane within the EU by Belarusian authorities, in comments published on Sunday. “We are of course ready, in an emergency, to protect and defend any ally against any kind of threat coming from Minsk and Moscow,” NATO SecretaryContinue reading “NATO warns Moscow, Minsk against threatening its allies”