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Let’s talk about the Superbowl, Star Trek and timelessness – Beau of the Fifth Column

Soldier admits role in 1987 murder of Burkina Faso’s revolutionary leader Sankara

A former army private admitted at a trial on Tuesday that he had helped transport a hit squad to assassinate Burkina Faso’s revolutionary leader, Thomas Sankara, 34 years ago. The trial unfolding at a military court in Ouagadougou is being closely followed by the Burkinabe public, many of whom hope it will shed light onContinue reading “Soldier admits role in 1987 murder of Burkina Faso’s revolutionary leader Sankara”

The Two Futures Of Automation: Capitalism VS Socialism – Second Though

With jobs being automated and handed off to machines at an ever-increasing pace, it’s only natural to consider what our future will look like. Will humans have more free time to spend with loved ones? More time to pursue hobbies and fulfilling activities? Or will the status quo prevail, leaving us to work increasingly meaninglessContinue reading “The Two Futures Of Automation: Capitalism VS Socialism – Second Though”

Germany: Berlin locals vote to expropriate real estate giants

Berliners cast their referendum votes on whether to nationalize thousands of housing units owned by real estate giants. After counting all votes, over 56% voted in favor of the measure. Voters in the German capital, Berlin, alongside casting ballots for the makeup of the new German parliament and for their local legislature, also took part in aContinue reading “Germany: Berlin locals vote to expropriate real estate giants”

Peru PM warns gas sector: pay higher taxes or face nationalization

Peruvian Prime Minister Guido Bellido on Sunday said that companies which exploit natural gas in Peru will need to agree to pay higher taxes or else face nationalizations, a sharp warning to the sector from the new leftist government. Bellido told Reuters in August that the government was planning to participate more deeply in the main industries,Continue reading “Peru PM warns gas sector: pay higher taxes or face nationalization”

How The United States Ended Up With Two Right-Wing Parties – Second Though

We hear a lot about the Democrats being “the radical left.” Most of us know this obviously isn’t the case, but what many Americans don’t realize is that the Democrats should not be considered left-wing at all. In this episode we’re exploring the ratchet effect and the long rightward shift of the Democratic Party.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s New Ad is Fascist Propaganda 101 – David Pakman

Radical Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene publishes fascist propaganda as her 2022 campaign ad

Norway’s left-wing opposition wins election in a landslide

Labour expected to form coalition with other left-leaning parties as it seeks to reduce inequality and wean the economy off oil. Norway’s left-wing opposition headed by Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Store has had a landslide win in a general election after a campaign dominated by the future of the country’s oil industry. Store unseatedContinue reading “Norway’s left-wing opposition wins election in a landslide”

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo to run for French presidency

Socialist to campaign on her story of ‘overcoming class prejudice’ in bid to win back voters for the left in 2022 The Socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has announced a bid for the French presidency, saying that as a woman with working-class, immigrant roots she will try to repair the anger and divisions in French societyContinue reading “Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo to run for French presidency”

19th Century Reforms: Crash Course US History #15

In which John Green teaches you about various reform movements in the 19th century United States. From Utopian societies to the Second Great Awakening to the Abolition movement, American society was undergoing great changes in the first half of the 19th century. Attempts at idealized societies popped up (and universally failed) at Utopia, OH, NewContinue reading “19th Century Reforms: Crash Course US History #15”