Do the Police Actually Keep Us Safe? – VICE News

On this episode of Do Your Research, we take a deep look into the reality of policing.

Richard Slotkin on Guns and Violence – Moyers & Company

Ahead of the one year anniversary of the massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, in which Adam Lanza took the lives of 20 school children and six educators, Bill speaks with cultural historian and scholar Richard Slotkin about the role of guns in America’s national psyche. Slotkin has spent his life studying andContinue reading “Richard Slotkin on Guns and Violence – Moyers & Company”

Critical Race Theory: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Let’s talk about the Superbowl, Star Trek and timelessness – Beau of the Fifth Column

Far-right election deniers gather for ’emergency’ Castle Rock meeting after Tina Peters’ arrest

Conspiracy theorist Shawn Smith says officials involved in fraud ‘deserve to hang’ A who’s who of leading figures in Colorado’s far-right election denial movement gathered in Castle Rock on Thursday night for a lengthy town hall meeting that featured a host of baseless conspiracy theories and at least one threat of political violence. The “emergency”Continue reading “Far-right election deniers gather for ’emergency’ Castle Rock meeting after Tina Peters’ arrest”

New report details the influence of Christian nationalism on the insurrection

Christian nationalism was used to ‘bolster, justify and intensify the January 6 attack on the Capitol,’ said Amanda Tyler, head of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty. A team of scholars, faith leaders and advocates unveiled an exhaustive new report Wednesday (Feb. 9) that documents in painstaking detail the role Christian nationalism played inContinue reading “New report details the influence of Christian nationalism on the insurrection”

MAGA Party Lawmakers Banning Books To Ease ‘White Discomfort’ – MSNBC

GOP lawmakers in 22 states have unveiled bills to limit teachings about race and sexuality in public schools. Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye” and Art Spiegelman’s “Maus” have now joined the list of works banned by local school boards for so-called “objectionable” content. MSNBC’s Ari Melber is joined by Professor Brittney Cooper to discuss.

Let’s talk about identifying with the bad guy a little more – Beau of the Fifth Column

Constitutional Compromises: Crash Course Government and Politics #5

In which Craig Benzine teaches you about the compromises met in ratifying the U.S. Constitution. The United State’s didn’t always have its current system of government. Actually, this is it’s second attempt. Craig will delve into the failures (and few successes) of the Articles of Confederation, tell you how delegates settled on a two-house systemContinue reading “Constitutional Compromises: Crash Course Government and Politics #5”

Let’s talk about Fred Gray, Alabama, and a new south – Beau of the Fifth Column

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