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Let’s talk about why Lindsey Graham is on Russian TV – Beau of the Fifth Column

Explosion outside Kabul airport in Afghanistan – BBC News

There has been an explosion outside Kabul airport, the Pentagon has confirmed. Details of the explosion remain unclear. A US official has told Reuters news agency the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber. The White House has confirmed that President Biden has been briefed on developments.

New Irish Bill Allows Police To Demand Passwords During Stop-And-Search

A new bill has been announced by the Irish Minister for Justice that will allow the Irish police (Garda) to acquire the passwords and encryption keys of electronic devices belonging to anyone they are searching. The bill aims to modernize the powers of the Garda in both stop-and-search and warrant situations, who will create a written record for each situation the new powers are used in.  The announcement comes withContinue reading “New Irish Bill Allows Police To Demand Passwords During Stop-And-Search”

Capitol outer fence set to return as D.C. girds for crowds, protests

Any new Capitol perimeter would be narrower, according to initial talks, and wouldn’t include broad street closures. Congressional security officials are in discussions about rebuilding fencing around the Capitol — just weeks after a previous perimeter came down — to help secure the building ahead of President Joe Biden’s upcoming address to lawmakers and possibleContinue reading “Capitol outer fence set to return as D.C. girds for crowds, protests”