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Terrorism, War, and Bush 43: Crash Course US History #46

In which John Green teaches you about the tumultuous 2000’s in the United States of America, mainly the 2000’s that coincide with the presidency of George W Bush. From the controversial election in 2000, to the events of 9/11 and Bush’s prosecution of the War on Terror, the George W. Bush presidency was an eventfulContinue reading “Terrorism, War, and Bush 43: Crash Course US History #46”

Among Iraqis, the name Rumsfeld evokes nation’s destruction

When he heard on the news that Donald Rumsfeld had died, Ali Ridha al-Tamimi and his wife sat down with their four children and told them: “This is the person who ruined our country.” “He destroyed many families. And did it under the cover of liberation,” Tamimi later told The Associated Press. “I will neverContinue reading “Among Iraqis, the name Rumsfeld evokes nation’s destruction”