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The French Revolution: Crash Course European History #21

In 1789, the French Monarchy’s habit of supporting democratic popular revolutions in North America backfired. Across the world, people were rising up to throw off monarchies, and Louis didn’t see the writing on the wall until it was too late. Today we’ll talk about how the French Revolution unfolded, and what (if anything) was reallyContinue reading “The French Revolution: Crash Course European History #21”


The Enlightenment: Crash Course European History #18

So far in this series, we’ve covered a lot of war, disease, climate disaster, and some more war. Well, prepare yourself for something a little more positive. This week, we’re talking about the Enlightenment. In this video, you’ll learn about the ideas of Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Kant, Smith, Hume, and a bunch of other peopleContinue reading “The Enlightenment: Crash Course European History #18”