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NEW: Rockets fired at Kabul airport as US approaches withdrawal deadline

Several rockets were fired at Kabul airport on Monday, less than 48 hours before the United States is due to complete its troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Eyewitnesses said the rockets were launched from a car and were aimed towards the airport on Monday morning. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack

Breaking – Kabul Explosion – Rocket Targets Home Near Intl Airport

Explosion heard near Kabul airport amid attack warnings. US forces fly out last evacuees from the Afghan capital amid warnings of a ‘specific, credible threat’ at the airport.

Hezbollah launches rocket fire in response to Israeli air raids

Hezbollah claims responsibility for rocket fire a day after Israeli air raids amid an escalation of cross-border hostilities. The Lebanese group, Hezbollah, has said it fired rockets at open ground near Israeli positions in response to Israeli air raids on southern Lebanon, drawing retaliatory Israeli strikes. In a statement on Friday, Hezbollah said it hadContinue reading “Hezbollah launches rocket fire in response to Israeli air raids”