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Josh Hawley Blames The Left For Rightwing Policy That Killed Jobs – The Rational National

During an interview with Axios, the ‘cancelled’ and ‘manly’ Republican Senator Josh Hawley claimed that the left is destroying men.

Anti-Vaxxers Protest At Hospitals While Stressed Nurse Shares Experience – The Rational National

A stressed nurse shared her experience attending to people in the ICU while anti-vaxxers across North America are protesting at hospitals.

Dan Crenshaw Heckled At A Fundraiser Over The ‘Big Lie’ – The Rational National

Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw got heckled during a GOP fundraising dinner by a man that thinks Trump will be reinstated.

Societal Collapse ‘On Schedule’ According To 1972 MIT Study – The Rational National

Socialist Victory Stuns Buffalo Mayoral Race – The Rational National

Democratic socialist India Walton is on the verge of becoming the next mayor of Buffalo, New York.

AOC Tells Morning Joe About Manchin’s Leaked Call With Billionaire Donors – The Rational National

In her appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brought up a massive story in The Intercept that revealed just how corrupt Joe Manchin, and politics in D.C. generally, is.

Democratic Leadership Smears Ilhan Omar Over Her Accurate Statement – The Rational National

Once again, Democratic leadership is smearing Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar over her completely accurate statement.

Katie Porter Exposes Big Pharma CEO’s Greedy Lies To His Face – The Rational National

Democratic congresswoman Katie Porter grilled the CEO of AbbVie, Richard Gonzalez, on the absolute greed of his pharmaceutical company.

Israel & Biden Hammered In Fiery Speeches From Democratic Congresswomen – The Rational National