Glenn Beck Promotes ‘National Divorce’ On BlazeTV Show

In an Oct. 13, 2021 segment for his BlazeTV show, right-wing radio host Glenn Beck promoted the idea of a “national divorce,” in which right-leaning states secede and form their own country. During the segment, Beck suggested a “national divorce” may be the only solution while simultaneously claiming he opposes it. Beck summarized all theContinue reading “Glenn Beck Promotes ‘National Divorce’ On BlazeTV Show”

Christian Radio Host Who Called Vaccine ‘Government Control’ Dies of COVID-19

A religious radio broadcaster who spread disinformation about the coronavirus vaccines was killed by the virus Sunday. Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Sr. had been admitted to the hospital Aug. 7 with COVID-19 complications, according to his wife Judy, who also contracted the virus. In February, DeYoung published an interview promoting the conspiracy theories that the Pfizer vaccine wouldContinue reading “Christian Radio Host Who Called Vaccine ‘Government Control’ Dies of COVID-19”

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