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Australia, Japan to sign ‘historic’ defense, security pact

Australia and Japan will sign a treaty on Thursday to increase defense and security cooperation in a move that has been hailed as “historic” but which might anger China. Prime ministers Scott Morrison of Australia and Fumio Kishida of Japan will meet in a virtual summit to sign the agreement, which Morrison said “will underpinContinue reading “Australia, Japan to sign ‘historic’ defense, security pact”

Putin heads to India with eye on military, energy ties – France24

Russian President Vladimir #Putin will arrive in #India on Monday for just his second overseas trip since the pandemic, seeking to bolster military and energy ties with a traditional ally being courted by #Washington. FRANCE 24’s Chief Foreign Editor Rob Parsons tells us more.

Ruling party elects Kishida as leader in win for Japan establishment

New LDP leader Kishida likely to be voted PM on Monday General election expected Nov. 7 or Nov. 14 Kishida is party consensus builder, but lacks popularity Has called for stimulus of more than 30 trillion yen Seen maintaining Japan’s security, foreign policy posture Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) anointed former foreign minister FumioContinue reading “Ruling party elects Kishida as leader in win for Japan establishment”