Enlightened Monarchs: Crash Course European History #19

Last time we learned about the Enlightenment, and the philosophers and thinkers whose ideas would shape governance for hundred of years. This week, we’re learning how monarchs across Europe were influenced by those ideas. Adoption of Enlightenment ideas across Europe was…uneven, to say the least. In this episode you’ll learn about Catherine the Great ofContinue reading “Enlightened Monarchs: Crash Course European History #19”

The Rise of Russia and Prussia: Crash Course European History #17

In eastern Europe, in the 17th century a couple of “great powers” were coming into their own. The vast empire of Russia was modernizing under Peter the Great, and the relatively tiny state of Prussia was evolving as well. Russia (and Tsar Peter) reformed many aspects of Russian governance, realigning them toward the way thingsContinue reading “The Rise of Russia and Prussia: Crash Course European History #17”

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