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VIDEO: Why You Should Be Worried About the Supreme Court | System Error – VICE News

In this episode of System Error, we investigate how the U.S. Supreme Court became a broken institution.

Let’s talk about Biden’s trip and Putin’s mistakes – Beau of the Fifth Column

History Brief: The Truman Doctrine – Reading Through History

This video offers a brief description of the Truman Doctrine and its impact.

Let’s talk about Poland, planes, and power in Ukraine – Beau of the Fifth Column

Let’s talk about Ukraine warming up

Let’s talk about HB2161 in Arizona – Beau of the Fifth Column

Let’s talk about Canada’s response to the truckers – Beau of the Fifth Column

Chinese officials drag away Dutch reporter as Winter Olympics are underway in Beijing – WION

Beijing Winter Games have kicked off while china may be lauding its zero COVID-19 strategies, its officials drag away a reporter.

French President Emmanuel Macron hosts meeting on Ukraine crisis including Germany, Russia

The French President on Monday Emmanuel Macron is hosting a meeting between the leaders of France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia on the conflict in eastern Ukraine in a bid to make progress toward possible solutions.

The Cold War: Crash Course US History #37

In which John Green teaches you about the Cold War, the decades long conflict between the USA and the USSR. The Cold War was called cold because of the lack of actual fighting, but this is inaccurate. There was plenty of fighting, from Korea to Viet Nam to Afghanistan, but we’ll get into that stuffContinue reading “The Cold War: Crash Course US History #37”