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Emails Reveal Cops Fanned Flames as FBI Debunked Antifa Hoax

On Sept. 11, 2020, the same day the Federal Bureau of Investigation released a statement dismissing rumors that leftist activists were starting wildfires in Oregon, a sheriff in Washington state sent a very different message to other members of law enforcement. “One of the methods Antifa is using to start fire’s,is to take a mason jar with tinder placed insideContinue reading “Emails Reveal Cops Fanned Flames as FBI Debunked Antifa Hoax”


Anti-Government Extremist Ammon Bundy Joins Wild Governor’s Race in Idaho

The COVID-19 pandemic was a boon to the public career of anti-government provocateur Ammon Bundy. The scion of a right-wing clan that orchestrated serial armed confrontations with federal law enforcement officials over grazing rights and usage fees, Bundy burnished his outlaw reputation (he was earlier acquitted twice of federal charges in connection with his and his family’sContinue reading “Anti-Government Extremist Ammon Bundy Joins Wild Governor’s Race in Idaho”


As noted in “The People’s Rights Oregon Insurrection Blueprint,” the network’s plan extends far beyond attacking COVID-19 health measures and the Klamath Basin crisis. People’s Rights Oregon plans to create a secessionist state in East Oregon. These efforts highlight another aspect of the group’s politics – a commitment to a nationalist and revolutionary political projectContinue reading “PEOPLE’S RIGHTS OREGON AND STATE SECESSION EFFORTS”