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COVID cases push Myanmar’s healthcare to the brink – DW News

COVID-19 cases are surging in Myanmar. After six months of military rule, only forty percent of its healthcare facilities are open. But with public mistrust at near all-time highs, many are turning away from public hospitals, leaving families to fend for themselves.

Gulf of Mexico’s ‘dead zone’ larger than average this year

This year’s Gulf of Mexico “dead zone” — an area where there’s too little oxygen to support marine life — is larger than average, according to researchers. Scientists supported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration determined that the area off Louisiana and Texas’ coasts covers about 6,334 square miles (16,405 square kilometers), the agencyContinue reading “Gulf of Mexico’s ‘dead zone’ larger than average this year”

Residents: Myanmar leaders use pandemic as political weapon

With coronavirus deaths rising in Myanmar, allegations are growing from residents and human rights activists that the military government, which seized control in February, is using the pandemic to consolidate power and crush opposition. In the last week, the per capita death rate in Myanmar surpassed those of Indonesia and Malaysia to become the worstContinue reading “Residents: Myanmar leaders use pandemic as political weapon”

‘Everyone is dying’: Myanmar on the brink of decimation

Myanmar desperately needs an international health intervention but its military regime seems content to let the people die Two days ago, I spent six hours on encrypted apps with contacts inside the country trying to locate one – just one –  oxygen concentrator for the mother of my friend, whom I will call “Ma Moon.”Continue reading “‘Everyone is dying’: Myanmar on the brink of decimation”

Myanmar caught off guard as cases surge, oxygen dwindles

Soe Win stood in line at a plant to buy oxygen for his grandmother, who is struggling with COVID-19 symptoms. “I have been waiting since 5 in the morning until 12 noon but I’m still in line. Oxygen is scarcer than money,” said the resident of Myanmar’s biggest city, Yangon. Consumed by a bitter andContinue reading “Myanmar caught off guard as cases surge, oxygen dwindles”

India COVID-19 Crisis ‘Beyond The Imagination’: ‘People Are Dying On Streets’

India is now suffering the world’s worst COVID-19 outbreak since the pandemic began Hospitals across the nation are running out of oxygen supplies and beds There have been reports of COVID-19 patients dying on the streets while waiting for care India is now experiencing the world’s worst COVID-19 crisis as people are dying on theContinue reading “India COVID-19 Crisis ‘Beyond The Imagination’: ‘People Are Dying On Streets’”

India posts world record COVID cases with oxygen running out

India recorded the world’s highest daily tally of 314,835 COVID-19 infections on Thursday as a second wave of the pandemic raised new fears about the ability of crumbling health services to cope. Health officials across northern and western India, including the capital, New Delhi, said they were in crisis, with most hospitals full and running outContinue reading “India posts world record COVID cases with oxygen running out”

‘Brazil is suffocating’: COVID surge creates severe oxygen crisis

Several states report critical stock levels, loans of cylinders and even transfer of patients who require oxygen. Earlier this year, the jungle city of Manaus sent shockwaves across the globe when hospitals ran out of oxygen with lethal consequences – turning the city into the world’s COVID-19 epicentre. Two months on, Brazil’s COVID catastrophe has never beenContinue reading “‘Brazil is suffocating’: COVID surge creates severe oxygen crisis”