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Court finds Colombia responsible for rape, torture of journalist

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights on Monday ruled that the state of Colombia bears responsibility for the ordeal of a female journalist who was kidnapped, raped and then tortured in 2000 by paramilitaries. Jineth Bedoya was working for the El Espectador newspaper at the time, investigating a weapons smuggling ring, when she was abductedContinue reading “Court finds Colombia responsible for rape, torture of journalist”

European Union-style bloc pitched for Latin America, Caribbean

Latin American and Caribbean nations should aspire to a bloc like the European Union, Mexico’s president and other leaders said at a summit on Saturday, in a bid to wrest influence away from the Washington-based Organization of American States (OAS). For years, a few of the region’s leftist standard-bearers who attended the gathering of theContinue reading “European Union-style bloc pitched for Latin America, Caribbean”

GIEI: Bolivia Coup Responsible for Massacres, Torture, Racism

The Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI-Bolivia) has released its report on the human rights violations of 2019. The report found that the Bolivian coup regime was responsible for massacres, torture, summary executions, and that right-wing violence had a particularly racial and religious character.   The GIEI was formed by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights,Continue reading “GIEI: Bolivia Coup Responsible for Massacres, Torture, Racism”

Peru: Pedro Castillo declared president

After over a month of uncertainty over election results, Peru’s election body confirmed socialist Pedro Castillo as the next president. Former school teacher Pedro Castillo has won the disputed election in Peru and will become the country’s next president, election officials said on Monday. The presidential vote, which had taken place on June 6, had been held up by claimsContinue reading “Peru: Pedro Castillo declared president”

Mexico counts 88 assassinations of politicians just days before the upcoming elections

According to the consulting firm Etellekt, this is the second bloodiest campaign since 2000 Mexico is in the final stretch of the campaign for the legislative, regional and local elections on 6 June and political violence has become the main actor in the country. Murders, kidnappings and armed attacks against candidates from different parties have markedContinue reading “Mexico counts 88 assassinations of politicians just days before the upcoming elections”