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Eight soldiers killed in Azerbaijan-Armenia border clashes

Baku and Yerevan trade barbs as flare-up along shared border threatens fragile ceasefire agreement. Seven Azerbaijani service members were killed and 10 more were wounded in clashes with Armenian troops on the countries’ shared border, according to Azerbaijan’s defence ministry. Armenian officials reported one casualty and said 13 soldiers were captured during Tuesday’s hostilities, whileContinue reading “Eight soldiers killed in Azerbaijan-Armenia border clashes”

Armenian troops killed in Azerbaijan border clash

A number of Armenian soldiers have been killed and captured in a flare-up of violence on the border with Azerbaijan. Armenia said some of its troops had been killed and two combat positions had been lost, while Azerbaijan said two of its soldiers were wounded. Azerbaijan made big gains in a six-week war fought lastContinue reading “Armenian troops killed in Azerbaijan border clash”

Armenian Leader Accuses Azerbaijan of Fresh ‘Infiltration’

Armenia’s leader on Thursday accused Azerbaijani troops of crossing the southern border and trying to stake claim to territory in a new escalation of tensions between the arch-foes. Last year Armenia and Azerbaijan went to war over the breakaway region of Nagorno Karabakh. The six-week conflict claimed some 6,000 lives and ended after Armenia ceded swathes ofContinue reading “Armenian Leader Accuses Azerbaijan of Fresh ‘Infiltration’”

Armenian prime minister accuses military of attempted coup

Nikol Pashinyan rallies supporters after military calls on him to step down amid anger at Nagorno-Karabakh defeat The Armenian prime minister, Nikol Pashinyan, has accused the armed forces of an attempted coup against his government after top military officers signed a letter calling him to resign. Tensions between Pashinyan and the military erupted into openContinue reading “Armenian prime minister accuses military of attempted coup”