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Richard Slotkin on Guns and Violence – Moyers & Company

Ahead of the one year anniversary of the massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, in which Adam Lanza took the lives of 20 school children and six educators, Bill speaks with cultural historian and scholar Richard Slotkin about the role of guns in America’s national psyche. Slotkin has spent his life studying andContinue reading “Richard Slotkin on Guns and Violence – Moyers & Company”

Let’s talk about when you aren’t the target – Beau of the Fifth Column

HISTORY OF IDEAS: Modernity – School of Life

This is a film about how the world became modern – and in particular what is exciting and beautiful about this development, and at the same time, what is hugely depressing and possibly madness-inducing about it. “Since the middle of the eighteenth century, beginning in Northern Europe and then spreading to every corner of theContinue reading “HISTORY OF IDEAS: Modernity – School of Life”

Carl Sagan on the Existence of God

Excerpt taken from the Q&A following Carl Sagan’s 1994 “Lost” Lecture: The Age of Exploration. Complete lecture can be found here:

Ottawa to close about 60 per cent of commercial salmon fisheries to conserve stocks

The federal government says it will close several commercial Pacific salmon fisheries in British Columbia and Yukon beginning this season to conserve fish stocks that are on the “verge of collapse.”  The Fisheries Department said in a news release Tuesday that 79 of 138 commercial and First Nations communal fisheries will be affected, which amountsContinue reading “Ottawa to close about 60 per cent of commercial salmon fisheries to conserve stocks”

The Darkest Philosopher in History: Arthur Schopenhauer – Pursuit of Wonder

In this video, we cover the life and philosophy of one histories darkest and most comprehensive philosophers, the original pessimist, Arthur Schopenhauer.

World will lose 10% of glacier ice even if it hits climate targets

Exclusive: loss is equivalent to more than 13,200 cubic kilometres of water or 10m Wembley Stadiums A tenth of the world’s mountain glacier ice will have melted by the middle of this century even if humanity meets the goals of the Paris climate agreement, according to figures compiled exclusively for the Guardian. The loss isContinue reading “World will lose 10% of glacier ice even if it hits climate targets”

Wildfire in Northern Ireland declared a ‘major incident’

Firefighters in Northern Ireland are spending a second day batting fires across difficult terrain on the Mourne Mountains. More than 70 firefighters and 10 fire trucks from across Northern Ireland were involved Saturday in trying to contain the wildfire, while helicopters from both Britain and Ireland are set to join the effort. The wildfire hasContinue reading “Wildfire in Northern Ireland declared a ‘major incident’”