Taiwan revamps military training for reserves amid China pressure

Taiwan is facing questions about whether its military reserves are capable of actual fighting in the event of a Chinese invasion. Preparing for potential military action from China is a prospect that has hung over Taiwan since its government fled to the island at the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949. There wereContinue reading “Taiwan revamps military training for reserves amid China pressure”

Gentrification Is Erasing Philly’s Black Horse Stables – VICE News

The tradition of the Black cowboy has been kept alive, often in a rather surprising place—North Philadelphia. There used to be over 40 stables in Strawberry Mansion, but just last month creeping gentrification made Fletcher Street the last stable in the city.

Let’s talk about what spears can teach us about creating change – Beau of the Fifth Column

COVID cases push Myanmar’s healthcare to the brink – DW News

COVID-19 cases are surging in Myanmar. After six months of military rule, only forty percent of its healthcare facilities are open. But with public mistrust at near all-time highs, many are turning away from public hospitals, leaving families to fend for themselves.

Hong Kong: PTU disbands after govt, state media accusations

The Professional Teachers’ Union (PTU) announced on Tuesday that it is disbanding, around a week after the government severed ties with the body as it came under attack by state media. In a letter to its members, the union described the decision to disband as “unwanted and difficult”, but said it was one made afterContinue reading “Hong Kong: PTU disbands after govt, state media accusations”

Phillis Wheatley: Crash Course Black American History #7

Despite all the hardship of being a Black person in Colonial America, some Black people were able to defy the harsh conditions and create art. Today we’re learning about a teenager who attained literacy and wrote poems that reached a large slice of the population and helped changed the ways that white Colonists thought aboutContinue reading “Phillis Wheatley: Crash Course Black American History #7”

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