After Nicaragua flips, U.S. sanctions seen pushing Central America towards China

A creeping barrage of U.S. sanctions on top Central American officials has made China an attractive partner for governments resisting Washington’s push to tackle corruption and democratic backsliding in the region, officials and analysts say. The trend was thrust into focus this week when Nicaragua re-established ties with Beijing, severing a longstanding relationship with U.S. allyContinue reading “After Nicaragua flips, U.S. sanctions seen pushing Central America towards China”

Progressive Presidents: Crash Course US History #29

In which John Green teaches you about the Progressive Presidents, who are not a super-group of former presidents who create complicated, symphonic, rock soundscapes that transport you into a fantasy fugue state. Although that would be awesome. The presidents most associated with the Progressive Era are Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, and Woodrow Wilson. During theContinue reading “Progressive Presidents: Crash Course US History #29”

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