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How “Moderates” Serve The Right – Second Thought

This week we’re talking about everyone’s favorite grillpilled neighbor – the American “centrist” or “moderate”. As much as they like to see themselves as enlightened arbiters of progress, centrists are little more than spoilers for actual democratic progress at best, and complete lackeys for the Right in most cases. Let’s look at the insufficiency ofContinue reading “How “Moderates” Serve The Right – Second Thought”

Ophelia, Gertrude, and Regicide – Hamlet Part 2: Crash Course Literature 204

In which John Green teaches you MORE about Bill Shakespeare’s Hamlet. John talks about gender roles in Hamlet, and what kind of power and agency Ophelia and Gertrude had, if they had any at all (spoiler alert: we think they did). You’ll also learn about regicide, Ophelia’s flowers, and Hamlet’s potential motivations. Also, Oedipus comesContinue reading “Ophelia, Gertrude, and Regicide – Hamlet Part 2: Crash Course Literature 204”

Ghosts, Murder, and More Murder – Hamlet Part 1: Crash Course Literature 203

In which John Green teaches you about Hamlet, William Shakespeare’s longest and most-performed play. People love Hamlet. The play that is, not necessarily the character. Hamlet is a Tragedy with a capital T (I guess I don’t have to point that out, since you can see clearly in the text that the T was capitalized).Continue reading “Ghosts, Murder, and More Murder – Hamlet Part 1: Crash Course Literature 203”

Of Pentameter & Bear Baiting – Romeo & Juliet Part 1: Crash Course English Literature #2

In which John Green examines Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare. John delves into the world of Bill Shakespeare’s famous star-crossed lovers and examines what the play is about, its structure, and the context in which it was written. Have you ever wanted to know what iambic pentameter is? Then you should watch this video.Continue reading “Of Pentameter & Bear Baiting – Romeo & Juliet Part 1: Crash Course English Literature #2”

What History Was, Is, and Will Be: Crash Course European History #50

At the end of our journey through modern European history, we’re taking an episode to look back at how the practice of history developed and what the aim and goals and purpose of history have been. We’ll also take time to consider how we should approach history research and writing going forward.

The Congress of Vienna: Crash Course European History #23

The end of the Napoleonic Wars left the great powers of Europe shaken. Judging from the destruction that had been wrought across the continent, it seemed to the powers that be that the Enlightenment had liberated the people, and led to disaster. So, everybody got together in Vienna to have a Congress, and to tryContinue reading “The Congress of Vienna: Crash Course European History #23”

The French Revolution: Crash Course European History #21

In 1789, the French Monarchy’s habit of supporting democratic popular revolutions in North America backfired. Across the world, people were rising up to throw off monarchies, and Louis didn’t see the writing on the wall until it was too late. Today we’ll talk about how the French Revolution unfolded, and what (if anything) was reallyContinue reading “The French Revolution: Crash Course European History #21”

Enlightened Monarchs: Crash Course European History #19

Last time we learned about the Enlightenment, and the philosophers and thinkers whose ideas would shape governance for hundred of years. This week, we’re learning how monarchs across Europe were influenced by those ideas. Adoption of Enlightenment ideas across Europe was…uneven, to say the least. In this episode you’ll learn about Catherine the Great ofContinue reading “Enlightened Monarchs: Crash Course European History #19”

Absolute Monarchy: Crash Course European History #13

So far, the rulers of Europe have been working to consolidate their power and expand their kingdoms, and this is it. The moment they’ve been working toward: Absolute Monarchy. We’re going to learn about how kings and queens became absolute rulers in Europe, and where better to start than with Louis XIV of France, whoContinue reading “Absolute Monarchy: Crash Course European History #13”