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Let’s talk about Biden’s trip and Putin’s mistakes – Beau of the Fifth Column

Russia says sending international peacekeepers to Ukraine would be ‘very reckless’

Russia on Wednesday condemned what it called a “reckless” Polish proposal to send international peacekeepers into Ukraine and warned that it could lead to a direct clash between Russian and NATO forces. Poland said last Friday it would formally submit a proposal for a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine at the next NATO summit. read more AskedContinue reading “Russia says sending international peacekeepers to Ukraine would be ‘very reckless’”

CIA black site detainee served as training prop to teach interrogators torture techniques

Newly declassified documents reveal Ammar al-Baluchi was repeatedly slammed against a wall while naked until all trainees received ‘certification’ A detainee at a secret CIA detention site in Afghanistan was used as a living prop to teach trainee interrogators, who lined up to take turns at knocking his head against a plywood wall, leaving him with brainContinue reading “CIA black site detainee served as training prop to teach interrogators torture techniques”

Ukraine far-right group offers training to civilians

Members of Ukraine’s far right movement Azov held military training for Mariupol residents on Sunday to teach them self-defence in case of an attack from Russia. Ukraine’s far right Azov Battalion, part of Special Forces Unit at Ukraine’s National Guard, trained residents to assemble and dissemble a gun, to load ammunition and aim at targetsContinue reading “Ukraine far-right group offers training to civilians”

US evacuating most Ukraine embassy staff over invasion fears

The United States is evacuating almost all of the staff from its embassy in Kyiv as Western intelligence officials warn that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is increasingly imminent. A senior State Department official said Saturday that a very limited number of staff will stay to keep communications open with the government but all consular operations willContinue reading “US evacuating most Ukraine embassy staff over invasion fears”

Germany leads NATO operation in Lithuania, sends troops – WION

Germany is leading a NATO operation in Lithuania and has stationed around 500 soldiers there. Also, the German chancellor Olaf Scholz has offered a clarification on why Germany is not supplying weapons to the Ukraine.

Senior U.S. military officials arrive in Poland – CBS News

Senior U.S. military officials arrived in Poland on Saturday amid Russia’s buildup of troops along Ukraine’s border. Meanwhile, American troops are also in Germany and heading to the region to support NATO allies. CBS News correspondent Christina Ruffini reports from the White House and CBS News intelligence and national security reporter Olivia Gazis joins CBSContinue reading “Senior U.S. military officials arrive in Poland – CBS News”

Ukrainian schools prepare kids for possible attack – DW News

Ukrainian schools are preparing children for the possibility of a Russian invasion. Armed conflict with Russian backed separatists has been going on for years. But given the latest escalations, schools want their students to be prepared.

Ukrainian Soldiers Are Preparing for Russia to Invade (Again) – VICE

Although it’s deployed more than 100,000 troops and military hardware to its border, Russia insists it’s not about to invade Ukraine again. The US and its allies aren’t so sure. Caught in the middle, Ukraine is appealing for calm – and more Western weapons to defend itself. We report from the frontlines of the ongoingContinue reading “Ukrainian Soldiers Are Preparing for Russia to Invade (Again) – VICE”

Russian troops amass near Ukraine border – WION

Ukraine is preparing itself against the Russian troop build-up near its border. Russia is said to have amassed more than 100,000 of its troops along the border with Ukraine. Ukraine is readying itself for the worst.