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Dubai throws open the doors for the rich Russians escaping sanctions

Roman Abramovich said to be among those looking for a luxury base in the UAE, which is unafraid to snub the west On the tarmac of Dubai airport, half way along its main runway, a small terminal has been doing brisk business this month. Daily flights have disgorged dozens of Russians – many among theContinue reading “Dubai throws open the doors for the rich Russians escaping sanctions”

Let’s talk about nurses and a message to hospital administrators – Beau of the Fifth Column

Why did the US Join World War One? – History Matters

The United States could have, if it wanted, quite easily avoided entering World War One. Yet, in April of 1917 it did, joining the Entente and helping with their victory of the Central Powers. But why did the US get involved? To find out watch this short and simple animated history documentary.

Parents selling children shows desperation of Afghanistan

In a sprawling settlement of mud brick huts in western Afghanistan housing people displaced by drought and war, a woman is fighting to save her daughter. Aziz Gul’s husband sold the 10-year-old girl into marriage without telling his wife, taking a down-payment so he could feed his family of five children. Without that money, heContinue reading “Parents selling children shows desperation of Afghanistan”

Countries on the UN’s weapon committee are meeting to regulate the development of ‘killer robots’ – euronews

A UN committee on weapons is meeting this week to regulate the development of “killer robots”. But some world powers oppose any strict limit or ban on such weapons.

Germany warns of lost U.S. trust as France wins EU support

France, Germany complain about erosion of trust EU-U.S. technology talks hang in the balance EU-Australia free-trade negotiations also at risk Germany joined France on Tuesday in berating the United States for negotiating a security pact in secret with Australia and Britain that cost Paris a lucrative defence deal, while the EU’s top official said suchContinue reading “Germany warns of lost U.S. trust as France wins EU support”

France to work with India to promote ‘truly multilateral’ order

Foreign ministers of two countries agree to deepen strategic partnership as they discuss developments in the Indo-Pacific and Afghanistan. France’s foreign affairs minister has agreed with his Indian counterpart to work on a programme to promote “a truly multilateral international order”, the French foreign ministry said. Jean-Yves Le Drian and Subrahmanyam Jaishankar also agreed duringContinue reading “France to work with India to promote ‘truly multilateral’ order”

World War II Part 2 – The Homefront: Crash Course US History #36

In which John Green teaches you about World War 2, as it was lived on the home front. You’ll learn about how the war changed the country as a whole, and changed how Americans thought about their country. John talks about the government control of war production, and how the war probably helped to endContinue reading “World War II Part 2 – The Homefront: Crash Course US History #36”

Carbon bootprint: What’s NATO’s responsibility for the global climate crisis? | DW Analysis

The military is one of the most prolific polluters on earth, yet most governments all over the world are deliberately ignoring its carbon footprint. They’ve completely excluded it from commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So why is the military constantly left out when it comes to combatting climate change? And could this change?

Aukus: France recalls envoys amid security pact row

France has said it is recalling its ambassadors in the US and Australia for consultations, in protest at a security deal which also includes the UK. The French foreign minister said the “exceptional decision” was justified by the situation’s “exceptional gravity”. The alliance, known as Aukus, will see Australia being given the technology to buildContinue reading “Aukus: France recalls envoys amid security pact row”