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Russia fires official who said China refused to supply aircraft parts

Russian aviation authorities have fired an official who said last week that China had refused to supply Russian airlines with aircraft parts in the wake of Western sanctions, the Kommersant newspaper reported on Tuesday, citing sources and the official. Valery Kudinov, an official at Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) responsible for maintaining airplane airworthiness,Continue reading “Russia fires official who said China refused to supply aircraft parts”

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Biden announces U.S. will close its skies to Russian aircraft

In his State of the Union speech, Biden also vowed to work alongside allies to seize assets from Russian oligarchs, including yachts, luxury apartments and private jets. President Joe Biden announced Tuesday during his State of the Union address that the U.S. would close its skies to Russian aircraft while promising more pain to Russia and itsContinue reading “Biden announces U.S. will close its skies to Russian aircraft”

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Ukraine – Russia crisis: Satellite images show more Russian troops at border • FRANCE 24 English

Satellite images show new deployments of Russian troops and military equipment near the Ukrainian border. #Russia #Ukraine #Putin

Germany leads NATO operation in Lithuania, sends troops – WION

Germany is leading a NATO operation in Lithuania and has stationed around 500 soldiers there. Also, the German chancellor Olaf Scholz has offered a clarification on why Germany is not supplying weapons to the Ukraine.

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Russian bombers fly over Belarus amid Ukraine tensions

Russia on Saturday sent a pair of long-range nuclear-capable bombers on patrol over its ally Belarus amid spiraling tensions over Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry said the two Tu-22M3 bombers practiced interacting with the Belarusian air force and air defense during a four-hour mission. The flight followed several similar patrols over Belarus, which borders UkraineContinue reading “Russian bombers fly over Belarus amid Ukraine tensions”