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Germany protests to Russia over pre-election cyberattacks

Germany has protested to Russia over attempts to steal data from lawmakers in what it suspects may have been preparation to spread disinformation before the upcoming German election, the Foreign Ministry in Berlin said Monday. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Andrea Sasse said that a hacker outfit called Ghostwriter has been “combining conventional cyberattacks with disinformation andContinue reading “Germany protests to Russia over pre-election cyberattacks”

Hungary blocks EU Hong Kong statement; Germany calls for change

The European Union must discuss ways of managing dissenting voices among its ranks, including qualified majority voting on foreign policy, according to Miguel Berger at the German Foreign Ministry. A German official on Friday took a dim view of Hungary’s recent moves to block European Union statements, and suggested reform was necessary to enable qualified majorityContinue reading “Hungary blocks EU Hong Kong statement; Germany calls for change”

Belarus accused of ‘hijacking’ Ryanair flight diverted to arrest blogger

Roman Protasevich is wanted for organising last year’s protests against Alexander Lukashenko Belarus has been accused of hijacking a European jetliner and engaging in an act of state terrorism when it forced a Ryanair flight to perform an emergency landing in Minsk after a bomb threat and arrested an opposition blogger critical of authoritarian presidentContinue reading “Belarus accused of ‘hijacking’ Ryanair flight diverted to arrest blogger”